Darren Barker

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9 Aug, 2017

Barker: McGregor should fight Malignaggi next

Makes Statement

Former world champion Darren Barker says McGregor should stay in boxing after facing Floyd Mayweather and settle his feud with Malignaggi.

I think McGregor will box again after this fight. I have called it a bad day for UFC, because I think they will lose McGregor. He’ll be loving the hype around this fight and especially the money…He won’t be able to get an opponent like Mayweather again, but he is going to love being involved in the No 1 combat sport which is boxing, no doubt. It’s stood the test of time and I think McGregor will want to be a part of it for years to come…I think McGregor released those pictures for his own confidence, regardless of what happened, to try and unsettle Mayweather in some way. But that’s going to be impossible as Mayweather has seen and heard it all before. Good luck to McGregor for trying.

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