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24 Jul, 2015

Discusses follow-on investments


Following Sam Altman’s commitment to offer follow-on investments to all companies that go through Y Combinator, McClure says 500 Startups has a different approach:

We make follow-on investments when we think we are going to make money and we don’t when we don’t think we are going to make money. It’s pretty simple. I think if other investors are worried more about my opinion than they are about the company’s performance, there is already a problem. I recognize it happens but that’s just part of the market. We generally wait until after Demo Day and after they have a term sheet from another investor. Signaling is important before Demo Day but we don’t worry about it after Demo Day.

McClure says 500 Startups does follow-on investments for 20-30% of its companies.

27 Sep, 2010

Disrupt panel

Conway, Sacca, and McClure are interviewed by Arrington about the Angelgate controversy at the Tech Crunch event. Sacca says it was a ‘misunderstanding’ that is ‘worth getting past’. Arrington:

We are not going to have a Jerry Springer moment here?

23 Sep, 2010

McClure responds

Makes Statement

McClure talks to the BBC about what he says are inaccuracies in Arrington’s post:

I take exception to what Mike has said and the accusations he is throwing around. There are a lot of people working hard and to cast aspersions on what we do is… wrong. Most of these accusations might have fitted the industry 30 years ago but not today, not the last 12-24 months.

Mike is an excellent writer and he throws an awesome conference and this will boost his numbers but I will be concentrating on working 120% to help make my entrepreneurs and the companies I have invested in successful.

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