David Barajas

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27 Aug, 2014

Barajas acquitted

The jury in the Barajas case finds him not guilty in the murder of Jose Banda. He was facing life in prison if convicted. Barajas thoughts on the tragedy:

This was a loss for everybody. They lost a son, too.

6 Dec, 2013

Charged with murder


david barajasBarajas is charged with murder after he allegedly shoots and killed Jose Banda. Banda, while allegedly drunk, crashed into the Barajas family killing two of Barajas’ sons. Barajas then walked to his home, came back to the scene and shot Banda. Sheriff investigator Dominick Sanders:

Every time we would pursue a lead, it always came back to Mr. Barajas. We have numerous statements placing him there at the car in close proximity to the victim at the time the gunshot was fired.

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