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24 Nov, 2014

Calls out Cosby’s ‘media enablers’, including himself

Makes Statement

Carr questions why journalists, including himself, turned a blind eye the sexual assault allegations against Cosby, in an article in The New York Times.

And those in the know also included me. In 2011, I did a Q. and A. with Mr. Cosby for Hemispheres magazine, the in-flight magazine of United Airlines, and never found the space or the time to ask him why so many women had accused him of drugging and then assaulting them. We all have our excuses, but in ignoring these claims, we let down the women who were brave enough to speak out publicly against a powerful entertainer.

Admits to being one of Cosby’s ‘media enablers’

Makes Statement

Whitaker responds to David Carr’s The New York Times article and tweet that he is one of Cosby’s ‘media enablers’, because he avoided writing about sexual abuse allegations against Cosby in the biography, Cosby: His Life and Times.

Whitaker says he will address recent developments at the appropriate time.

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