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20 Sep, 2015

Attempted murder charges


Lassiter is charged with trying to drown his two young daughters. Lassiter had flagged down passers-by at the Audubon Lake apartments saying his seven-year-old son had been kidnapped and needed help finding him. Later Lassiter tells a 911 operator and the apartments manager, that he had drowned his three and five year old daughters. However, he is mistaken — the girls survive after being pulled from the water by Durham County Sheriff’s Deputy Earp, who lives nearby. Police say the boy had escaped and run for help. Police:

As the deputy retrieved the girls, Lassiter was standing nearby smoking a cigarette. He became distraught, wailed ‘What have I done?’ and started to cry.

Lassiter says he tried to drown the children because officials had wanted to take away his children as he dealt with a personal problem. He is charged with three counts of attempted murder and is jailed, with bond set at two million dollars.

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