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Disrupt 2013 interview


Arrington interviews Conway, Lee, and Pokorny about where the innovations are in tech.


I would actually say in the last 12-18 months ideas are bigger, bolder, more ambitious…

Those include things like drone companies, and scientific research.


We just in the last six months have [identified] two new target sectors to invest…education and the internet of things

He says the company is looking at ‘hardware devices communicating constantly with the web’, and says SV Angel is ‘defining’ the new sector of health informatics.


The basic idea is if you think about the explosion of genomic medical information, all the medical data that is now being digitized…I think there’s now a chance to turn biology itself into a [tech sector]


I’m still bullish on consumer innovation

SV Angel | Disrupt NY 2013 Fireside Chat


Disrupt NY interview


Arrington interviews Conway and Lee at the event. Conway says he is an executive investor in SV Angel and Lee is managing the fund.

But I have a huge vested interest…I get to come in and help entrepreneurs, I get to do what I enjoy

Lee responds to Arrington’s question over rumors the fund is looking to raise $400 million, saying it is looking at investment, but declines to give details:

We are exploring all options

22 Jun, 2011

Disrupt backstage

Conway and Lee talk to Tech Crunch‘s Sarah Lacy backstage at the event about continuing growth in tech. Conway:

Silicon Valley and New York are spawning even more important companies, and more of them, because the internet watershed is not over yet. It’s still early days.

Conway says the industry is close to a recruiting crisis which underscores the growth:

We are going to get as bad as 1998

Lee on how angel investors contribute:

There are lesser evils than a lot of really bright, talented engineers who want to give it a shot

Disrupt Backstage: Ron Conway and David Lee

26 Sep, 2010

Clarifies Angelgate email

Conway clarifies that Lee was at the dinner by mutual decision:

David Lee, my partner at SV Angel did not want to go the Bin 38 dinner. We talked and then agreed that he should go.

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