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22 Jul, 2014

Comic Con Panel

Groening, Jean and Silverman are on a panel discussion at the Comic Con in San Diego, California. They talk about they’re launch of The Mathematical Secrets of The Simpsons and Futurama Symposium. They also talk about the voiceovers for the characters coming to the Hollywood Bowl and where the town of Springfield originated. Groening:

There was a TV show called Father Knows Best and that took place in Springfield, and I was assuming that that took place in Springfield near Portland.

The Simpsons Season 26 & Family Guy Crossover Comic Con Panel

22 Mar, 2005

Annecy Film Festival interview


Groening and Silverman are interviewed during the Annecy Film Festival in Paris, France. They talk about the use of computers in traditional animation and the elements that motivates them when they work on The Simpsons. Groening comments:

I came up with the idea for The Simpsons and drew them for the first time and one minute later David came on board and refined the characters and gave them their soul.

Interview: Matt Groening and David Silverman | www.NAAOW.org

22 Apr, 1998

Futurama interview


Groening and Silverman are interviewed. They talk about the final episodes of Futurama and what the public should expect. They also talk about their favorite moments on the show.

I think that this is an astonishing episode. It delivers the goods no the sappy level, human emotion and all that stuff. But also there’s an incredible amount of violence.

FUTURAMA - Series Finale Interviews (Comedy Central/Nerdist/YouTube Event)

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