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16 Nov, 2012

Responds to PM

Makes Statement

In one of series of telephone interviews with Wired, McAfee responds to Belize Prime Minister Barrow’s questioning his sanity:.

I have no idea where it’s going. I do know that the prime minister and the prime minister’s statement yesterday could be equally reversed. You know, I think he himself is bonkers if he could throw away the constitution of the country and become dictator without the world catching on.

14 Nov, 2012

Belize PM: McAfee ‘bonkers’

Makes Statement

Belize’s Prime Minister Barrow urges McAfee to help the country’s police with the murder inquiry.

I don’t want to be unkind, but he seems to be extremely paranoid – I would go so far as to say bonkers. He ought to man up and respect our laws and go in and talk to the police.

McAfee has said he does not want to give himself up because he is afraid the authorities will torture or kill him. Barrow calls McAfee’s statements “nonsense,” noting he had “never met the man”:

The media attention he has attracted offers him] the best possible safeguard. It’s not as if the police have said he is a suspect and certainly there is no question at this point of charges pending. The fact that this is smeared across international headlines means the police would have to act extremely cautiously in the full glare of the public spotlight.

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