Delilah Wallenda

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4 Jun, 2011

Completes Karl Wallenda’s deadly walk

In a recreation of the act that killed Karl Wallenda in 1979, Wallenda and his mother walk a 100-foot-long (30 m), 120-foot-high (37m) high-wire between the two towers of the Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Delilah and Nik start at opposite ends of the wire. When Delilah reaches the middle of the wire, roughly the spot Karl had fallen, she sits down on the wire. Nik steps over her and the two continue to opposite ends of the wire. Nik also kneels down on the wire and blows a kiss in honor of his great-grandfather’s memory.

This has been a dream of mine to recreate this walk. To be able to walk in his exact footsteps is an extremely huge honor, and I did this for him as much as I did it for my family to get some closure…I can’t even put it into words. It was so emotional.

LIFE ON A WIRE | Premiering June 22, 2011 (High Wire Pole Cam from 6/4/11 in Puerto Rico)

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