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19 Jan, 2012

Denise Richards interview

Seacrest interviews Richards during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about her first kiss with Charlie Sheen.

When I said that I thought ‘Oh, boy. That might sound a little bit creepy.’ My point being that we have such a good relationship, and now we are very good friends. We’ve become confidantes for each other, and we’ve been through a lot. So to be on this side of it I’m thrilled. Everything is good.

22 Aug, 2011

Denise Richards interview

Seacrest interviews Richards during On Air With Ryan Seacrest asks if she would go back and get married to Charlie Sheen again knowing what she knows now.

Absolutely, because he gave me the two greatest gifts [in] our daughters! I really believe that people come in to our life, and we learn different things. I honestly believe that he has been one of my greatest teachers as far as life lessons. As painful as it all was I would do it all again because I have amazing children.

7 Nov, 2005

People cover

Magazine Cover

deniseRichards appears on the cover of People after losing all of her baby weight. Richards states that losing weight takes time and dedication.

I’m not going to lie and say, ‘The pounds just came off. There’s definitely pressure in Hollywood to be thin, but even if I didn’t have to work, I would still want to lose the weight. Who wants to keep weight on after 18 months of being pregnant in the last two years?

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