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Dereck Chisora is a British professional boxer, born in Mbare, a suburb of the Zimbabwean capital Harare, in 1983. He held the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles from 2010 to 2011; the European heavyweight title from 2013 to 2014; and has challenged once for the WBC heavyweight title in 2012.

7 Dec, 2016

Chisora throws a table at Whyte


During¬†their pre-fight press conference Chisora throws a table at White. The incident was prompted after Whyte threatens Chisora’s life. Chisora:

If you think I’m a pussy, a punk, you tell me right now. Listen, I am the baddest man you’ll ever meet.

Dereck Chisora Throws Table At Dillian Whyte

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