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Deryck Whibley

Deryck Whibley4 posts
17 Sep, 2009

Lavigne, Whibley breakup


Lavigne announces separation from Whibley, her husband of three years.

I admire Deryck and have a great amount of respect for him. He is the most amazing person I know, and I love him with all my heart. Deryck and I are separating and moving forward on a positive note.

15 Jan, 2006

Lavigne, Whibley marry


Lavigne marrys Whibley in a private estate in Montecito, California. They have 110 guests in attendance and her father, John, walks her down the aisle.

There’s going to be some love songs on there. That’s what I feel, so that’s what I’m going to end up writing.

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