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2 Jan, 2016

Introduce Trump at Biloxi

Gives Talk

Diamond and Silk introduce Trump in front of a crowd of 14,000 in Biloxi, MI.

In this room is unity. In this room we are united. This is the United States, not the divided states. It’s time for us all to take America back because this is our country. It’s imperative you get out and vote. If you don’t want to get left, you’ve got to get right. We want somebody to build a wall, don’t we? We want somebody to bring back our jobs so we can thrive again, don’t we? We want somebody that’s going to keep us safe, don’t we? There is only one race: the human race, as all of our lives matter in this room. We finally have a candidate that realizes that and that’s why it’s imperative you vote for Donald J. Trump!

Diamond & Silk Speak at Donald Trump Rally in Biloxi, MS! (1-2-16)

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