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1 Dec, 2014

O magazine interview


In the December issue of O magazine, von Furstenberg discussesDVF and Oprah her first marriage to a prince, her comfort with herself, and the fact that she proposed to her husband, Barry Diller.

One year I didn’t know what to give him for his birthday. And I called him and said, ‘You know, if you want, for your birthday I’ll marry you.

19 Nov, 2014

Variety interview


Von FurstPhotograph by Yu Tsai Diane Von Furstenbergenberg discusses her new reality show, House of DVF, and life lessons she has learned.

People always wanted me to do a show. Every idea they brought to me was so tacky and so not right. When I decided I was going to have a brand ambassador, somebody said that should be the show. I guess I’m very maternal. I love the moment of your life when you push the first door. At this point, my mission in life is to empower more women.

18 Nov, 2014

Diane von Furstenberg interview

Seacrest interviews Von Furstenberg during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about inviting the wrap dress.

The shape of the wrap dress is like a kimono. It’s a dress that has no buttons and things. But when I created it, it was jersey, it was printed jersey and I launched 40 years ago and it has lived all this time, and that’s never happened to a dress. At this point, it’s bigger than me. People say that it’s a dress that you get the guy in and his mother doesn’t mind, so it means it’s both sexy and proper.

17 Nov, 2014

Agrees to provide over $100M

Von Furstenbepier55proposalrg and husband Barry Diller agree to provide over $100 million to build a 2.7-acre park on a West 14th Street pier through a family foundation. Work on the park, which will be named Pier55, is expected to start in 2016. Mayor Bill de Blasio:

If someone offers us a lot of resources to create something we need and with minimal investment by the city, I think that’s great.

13 Nov, 2014

Wrap dress remix

Von DVFFurstenberg launches a capsule collection for Net-a-Porter consisting of 13 ready-to-wear pieces and three clutches.

It is a little bit rock ’n’ roll, a little bit modern, a little bit ’70s glamour. It is really about our strongest prints and our most iconic silhouettes.

11 Nov, 2014

Leads Venice Jewish Museum restoration

Von Furstenberg, along with real estate investor Joseph Sitt, spearheads a $12 million restoration for the Jewish Museum and five synagogues in Venice’s former Jewish ghetto.

As much as this renovation is about preserving the past and the rich history of the Venetian and Jewish communities, today is about the future. All of us are responsible for making sure that future generations – 500 years from today – have access to these stories of human culture and progress.

28 Oct, 2014

Journey of a Dress

Von FDVF book 2urstenberg releases a coffee table book, Journey of a Dress, chronicling her iconic wrap dress.

I just wanted these easy little dresses that everybody could wear, and no one paid attention to it until Diana Vreeland, and she said, “Oh, this is genius.”

The Woman I Wanted to Be

Von Furstenberg releases a memoir, The Woman I Wanted to Be. She details her start as a designer, her mother, and selected lovers.

I did the audio for the book and recorded 14 hours, and at the end of it, I knew that this was my truth and I could live with it.

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