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23 Jan, 2012

DLD 12 interview: Connect with your Fans


Carter and Michelsen are interviewed at DLD 12 about connecting with fans. Michelsen:

I’m known as being Troy’s arms dealer in The Valley. So when we use social media we look at these things as reaching the most amount of people, and the power behind it. If you look at Silicon Valley there are big [technology] weapons. Troy and Lady Gaga are the detonators. They have these platforms and the individuals become the network.

Carter on Gaga’s rise:

Our timing was great. Facebook had just opened up. Twitter was on the rise. MySpace built this platform that was specifically for artists. So we were alternative ways. It just so happened that Gag’s voice is so authentic that she used it as way to say really connected with the fans, she never used it as a place to sell, sell, sell.

DLD 2012 - Connect with your Fans (Troy Carter, Matt Michelsen)

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