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Donald Trump is an American businessman, television personality, and President-elect of the United States. He was born in 1946, in Queens, New York. Trump is the President and Chairman of The Trump Organization, which is involved in real estate, entertainment, and hotel ventures across the world. He hosted 14 seasons of NBC’s reality show Celebrity Apprentice.  Trump announced he was running for president on June, 16, 2015 and won the election. He is married to Melania Knauss and has five children.

14 Jun, 1946

Donald Trump born in Queens, New York


Trump is born to Fred Christ Trump and Mary MacLeod in the Queens borough of New York City, New York. His father is a multimillionaire who develops properties such as high rises and apartments. He attends the Kew Forest School for elementary school but due to behavioral problems there, is sent to the New York Military Academy for high school.

15 Oct, 1973

Racial discrimination lawsuit

Files Suit

The Justice Department sues the Trump Management Corporation for alleged racial discrimination in 39 of its buildings across New York. The Government says Trump Management has refused to rent or negotiate rentals and required different rental terms and conditions, because of race or color, as well as misrepresenting to blacks that apartments were not available. Donald Trump denies the charges:

They are absolutely ridiculous. We have never discriminated, and we never would. There have been a number of local actions against us, and we have won them all…We proved in court that we did not discriminate.

Mar 1985

NYC tenant intimidation suit

Files Suit

The city of New York sues Trump over alleged intimidation and harassment of tenants at his 15-story building at 100 Central Park South, which overlooks Central Park. Trump bought the building in 1981 with the intention of tearing it and the adjacent Barbizon Plaza (which he also owns) and replacing them with another of his mega-luxury towers. The suit says Trump and his agents have tried to force out the 60 or more tenants by threats of imminent demolition, spurious litigation, drastic decreases in essential services, persistent delays in repairing defective conditions, and instructing employees to obtain information about the private lives and sex habits of the tenants.

The defendants have harassed daily the occupants of said units…wrongful acts and omissions continue to date.

Trump claims he is the victim of wily, wealthy millionaire-tenants who are trying to extract exorbitant buyout money or other financial concessions from him.

Trump is not going to be harassed.

5 Apr, 1988

Pays $750,000 to settle FTC antitrust suit


Trump agrees to pay a $750,000 civil penalty to settle an antitrust lawsuit brought by the FTC, alleging his 1986 stock purchase of Holiday Corp. and Bally Manufacturing Corp, as part of a takeover bid, violated the notification procedures required by the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act. The law requires that buyers must notify the government before purchasing more than $15 million worth of voting stock in a company and wait 30 days before completing the transaction.

[I decided to settle the case] to avoid protracted litigation within the federal government over a highly technical disagreement between the FTC and the business community…I firmly believe that I was in full compliance with the Hart- Scott-Rodino Act reporting restrictions…The most respected lawyers in the business’ [told me the law exempted the purchase of stock options]. Bear, Stearns also gave me the same assurance. I assume Bear, Stearns will reimburse me for the expense.

2 Mar, 1991

Helicopter crash damages trial starts


In U.S. District Court in Camden, Trump’s lawyers argue that Agusta, the manufacturer of a helicopter that crashed Oct. 10, 1989, killing three executives of his New Jersey hotel casino business, are responsible for damages to the business. The suit alleges that the manufacturer knew that the rotors were defective, failed to take even minimal steps to correct the problem and thus defrauded Trump through wanton and outrageous misconduct. Trump says the crash caused his casinos to lose revenue, increased operating costs, including the price of hiring new executives. The heirs of the victims received about $1.6 million from their employment contracts with Trump. While Judge Berry expresses skepticism about the case, Trump’s lawyers cite a 1950 New Jersey Supreme Court decision that reads:

of course an employer…is free to maintain any (lawsuit) against the seller of an article for breach of a warranty of its fitness

Augusta’s attorney:

[L]ook past Trump’s claim of economic damages at what this really is . . . a wrongful-death action

Berry gives the lawyers a week to prepare further arguments.

21 Mar, 1991

Divorce settlement


The Trumps settle their divorce. Ivana gets a settlement of $14 million dollars, a 45-room mansion, an apartment in the Trump Plaza, and $650,000 annually. The deal is similar to their prenuptial agreement. Trump will retain the 50-room triplex they shared at the top of Trump Tower, New York. Due to Donald’s precarious financial situation, Ivana’s lawyers say she wants to take the money now rather than hold out for a better deal.  If Trump is forced to file for personal bankruptcy protection, the lawyers feared that Ivana would be just one of her ex-husband’s many creditors. Donald had asked his bankers this week for $10 million to pay for the settlement, but the banks confirmed yesterday that they had refused. He said he would come up with the money, but it remains unclear where the $14 million will come from because he gets a living allowance of only $375,000 a month from the banks. Donald:

I’m very happy that this is behind me and I think it’s a real positive step for everyone.

31 Jul, 1992

Files suit against Ivana

Files Suit

Trump files a $25 million lawsuit against Ivana, for $25 million, saying she broke a gag clause in their divorce agreement by failing to keep quiet about his affairs. The suit accuses his ex-wife of:

Willful, deliberate and surreptitious disclosure [of his personal, professional and financial dealings].

20 Dec, 1993

Trump, Maples marry


Trump and Maples are married at the Plaza hotel in New York City. Maples wears a white peau de soie Carolina Herrera dress with a sweetheart neckline, a full veil, and a borrowed $2 million tiara. Trump’s father, Fred Trump, lifts the bride’s veil while Trump winks at her before planting a kiss on her cheek. The ceremony is presided over Rev. Arthur Caliandro of the Marble Collegiate Church. After vows, the guests burst into spontaneous applause. After the ceremony, guests are served a wedding feast of caviar, smoked fish, lamb, beef, tuna and turkey.

12 Jul, 1997

Decides to sell Trump Plaza casino

Makes Statement

Trump decides to sell Trump Plaza, one of his Atlantic City casinos, saying it could sell for as much as $1 billion. He says he will use the money to decrease his company’s $1.7 billion debt. The company’s stock has fallen 59 percent in the last year as casino revenues have remained stagnant. He says the decision is not a sign that he is losing interest in Atlantic City.

There is a thirst to come into Atlantic City, but it’s very hard to get land and it takes a long time to build from the ground up. I just feel, in a nutshell, that Atlantic City is hot, that I have the best properties and this is a good time to sell…We don’t need other markets. A lot of the Las Vegas developers, they now want to come into Atlantic City.

3 Oct, 2002

McDonald’s ‘Grimace’ ad

Ad Appearance

Trump appears in a McDonald’s commercial for “Big ‘n’ Tasty’ burgers with Grimace, a McDonald’s character. Company:

Combining our beloved characters with a high-powered celebrity like Donald Trump and adding a little humor really resonated with consumers as a way to bring our value offer to life. Casting our own famous characters in these ads will bring back fond memories of classic McDonald’s advertising that our customers have always enjoyed.


The Big N’ Tasty for a dollar is a great sandwich at a great price. I’m proud to be the one to tell America that beginning Oct. 4, the buck stops at McDonald’s.

McDonalds - Donald Trump + Grimace Commercial

22 Jan, 2005

Trump, Knauss marry


Trump Knauss marry imageTrump and Knauss get married in front of 350 guests at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, on the island of Palm Beach, Florida, followed by a reception at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Knaus wears $150,000 of diamonds. Rudy and Judy Giuliani, Hillary and Bill Clinton, P. Diddy, Katie Couric, Heidi Klum, and Gov. George and Libby Pataki are among the guests.

20 Mar, 2006

Barron Trump born in New York


donald_trump_barron_babyBarron William Trump is born in New York City to Melania and Donald Trump. He weighs 8 lbs. 8 oz. and has a floor above his parents’ bedroom, complete with nursery, kitchen, living room and quarters for a nanny and mother. Donald:

Melania loves taking care of the baby. If we have more, it will be terrific.

21 Dec, 2006

To sue O’Donnell

Makes Statement

Trump announces he will sue O’Donnell for her The View comments. Trump refuses to discuss the details of the legal filing but stated O’Donnell will understand when she sees the reasons.

She says things that come to her mouth, she’s not smart, she’s crude, she’s ignorant and to be honest I look forward to sueing Rosie. I’m gonna sue her and I look forward to it. She’s really very dangerous for the show…Rosie will find out what we’re suing her for. She knows what we’re suing her for. The lawsuit is already in the works. It’s something I look very forward to.


Responds to O’Donnell

Makes Statement

Trump reponds to O’Donnell’s criticism with a number of insults. On Fox News, Trump says O’Donnell is”a despicable person,” and that she is probably jealous because Miss USA likes him but doesn’t like O’Donnell.

[She is] disgraceful, a horrible human being, a terrible person … a loser. Her magazine failed. The ratings for her show were terrible. They basically threw her off the air. … She is not a good person. She makes false statements. Barbara Walters, in my opinion rues the day she put that animal on her show. She’s an extremely unattractive person who doesn’t understand the truth … She has failed at everything she has done…She’s a bully and she sucker punches people.

O’Donnel does not reply directly on the View.

22 Dec, 2006

Criticises Trump

Makes Statement

O’Donnell, criticises and mocks Trump on The View about Trump wanting to give disgraced Miss America a second chance. She says Trump’s statements annoyed her, “on a multitude of levels’ related to speaking about moral issues.

He inherited a lot of money, and he’s been bankrupt so many times where he didn’t have to pay. … I just think that this man is sort of like one of those, you know, snake oil salesmen in Little House on the Prairie. . . There he is, hair looping, going everyone, everyone deserves a second chance. He’s the moral authority? Left the first wife, had an affair, left the second wife, had an affair, had kids both times, but he’s the moral compass for twenty year olds in America. Donald, sit and spin, my friend.

1 Apr, 2007

Wrestlemania 23

Wrestlemania 23 is held at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. The event features The Undertaker vs Batista, Chris Benoit vs MVP, Great Khali vs Kane, Bobby Lashley with Donald Trump vs Umaga with Vince McMahon in which the losing billionaire has their head shaved and John Cena vs Shawn Michaels.

The Battle of the Billionaires takes place at WrestleMania

10 Sep, 2008

Esquire interview


Trump gives his thoughts on dressing well at all times:

I always wear a suit–looking one’s best is good for confidence. High self-esteem is important for effective performance. Dressing well is also a sign of respect, for yourself and for others. I know what I’ll wear every day, which is a suit. It saves time, and I know I’ll look appropriate. I have too much to think about to devote a lot of time to it.

16 Feb, 2012

Donald Trump interview

Seacrest interviews Trump during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about why he doesn’t like the word grandpa.

The Donald has been a grandfather for some time, but he refuses to be called Grandpa. Call me anything, but that! It’s beautiful and endearing, but it’s a tough term to get use to. Let them call me Mr. Trump. Let them call me Donald. but anything but Grandpa!

4 Aug, 2014

Offers $1 billion for team

Trump makes an all cash offer of $1 billion for the purchase of the Buffalo Bills. Saber’s owner Terry Pagula and a group of people led by Jon Bon Jovi are also trying to acquire the team. Pagula is said to be the one who will buy the team.  NBC announcer Al Michaels on the offer:

He said he offered $1 billion – all cash, no contingencies, immediate closing. He’d have the check in one hour. He was a little miffed that it went out for bid again.

25 Sep, 2014

Calls Trump bully

TV Appearance

O’Donnell says Trump has bullied her over the course of years:

I made fun of him on The View, which was the show we were supposed to do, talk about politics, talk about pop culture. And I made fun of him. And it seemed to upset him in a very, very intense way. He’s held on to it since 2006. And he has said horrible things about me every chance he gets. Probably the Trump stuff was the most bullying I ever experienced in my life, including as a child. It was national, and it was sanctioned societally. Whether I deserved it is up to your own interpretation.

4 Nov, 2014

Celebrity Apprentice judge

Trump announces that Rivers will appear on the new Celebrity Apprentice as a judge, in scenes filmed before her death in September. The two shows in which Rivers appears will be in tribute to the late comedian. Trump:

We decided, in memoriam, we’re going do something and honor her during those two shows. She was so good, and I think she would have liked it that way.

28 Apr, 2015

Criticizes Obama on riots

Makes Statement

Trump criticizes Obama for not being able to control the situation in Baltimore.

25 May, 2015

Memorial Day message

Makes Statement

Trump tweets a Memorial Day message.

I would like to wish everyone, including all haters and losers (of which, sadly, there are many) a truly happy and enjoyable Memorial Day!

16 Jun, 2015

Announces run for president

Runs for Office

Trump announces his candidacy for president at Trump Tower, New York. His introduced by his daughter, Ivanka.

We are going to make our country great again. I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.

They all said, a lot of the pundits on television, well, Donald will never run, and one of the main reasons is he’s private and he’s probably not as successful as everybody thinks. So I said to myself, you know, nobody is ever going to know unless I run because I’m really proud of my success.

Sadly the American dream is dead. But if I get elected president I will bring it back, bigger, and better, and stronger than ever before

I would do various things very quickly. I would repeal and replace the big lie, Obamacare. I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will have Mexico pay for that wall.

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best; they’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people

Nobody would be tougher on ISIS than Donald Trump, nobody…I will stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

Our country needs a truly great leader. And we need a truly great leader now. We need a leader that wrote the art of the deal, we need a leader that can bring back our jobs, can bring back our manufacturing, can bring back our military, and take care of our vets

Donald Trump Presidential Announcement Full Speech 6/16/15

17 Jun, 2015

Objects to Trump’s song use

Makes Statement

Young writes on Facebook (text) that he objects to Trump using his song, Rockin’ in The Free World, in his presidential run announcement.

Yesterday my song Rockin’ in the Free World was used in an announcement for a U.S. presidential candidate without my permission. A picture of me with this candidate was also circulated in conjunction with this announcement but It was a photograph taken during a meeting when I was trying to raise funds for Pono, my online high resolution music service. Music is a universal language. So I am glad that so many people with varying beliefs get enjoyment from my music, even if they don’t share my beliefs. But had I been asked to allow my music to be used for a candidate – I would have said no….I am Canadian and I don’t vote in the United States, but more importantly I don’t like the current political system in the USA and some other countries. Increasingly Democracy has been hijacked by corporate interests…I do not trust self-serving misinformation coming from corporations and their media trolls. I do not trust politicians who are taking millions from those corporations either. I trust people. So I make my music for people not for candidates.

Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World.

Trump rep:

Through a license agreement with ASCAP, Mr. Trump’s campaign paid for and obtained the legal right to use Neil Young’s recording of ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ at today’s event. Nevertheless, we won’t be using it again — there are plenty of songs to choose from. Despite Neil’s differing political views, Mr. Trump likes Neil very much.

24 Jun, 2015

Calls Young a ‘hypocrite’

Makes Statement

Trump says that, despite Young’s call for him to not use Rockin’ In The Free World, that the artist had recently come to him for funding for his streaming music service, Pono. He also says the song was just one of 10 songs used as background music. and that he “Didn’t love it anyway.”

Young’s management confirms that the  photo was taken during a meeting when Young was trying to raise funds for the music service.

25 Jun, 2015

Univision drops Miss Universe

Drops Product

Univision ends partnership with the Miss Universe Organization (partly owned by Trump)  due to Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants:

Today, the entertainment division of Univision Communications Inc. announced that it is ending the company’s business relationship with the Miss Universe Organization, which is part-owned by Donald J. Trump, based on his recent, insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants. At Univision, we see first-hand the work ethic, love for family, strong religious values and the important role Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans have had and will continue to have in building the future of our country. We will not be airing the Miss USA pageant on July 12th or working on any other projects tied to the Trump Organization.

Trump responds by saying the Mexican government is putting pressure on Univision to stop him exposing the weaknesses the U.S. has at the southern border:

The government of Mexico and the lobbyists and the special interests have put tremendous pressure on Univision, a company that is very subservient to Mexico, to get Trump to stop exposing the terrible situation at the border and the terrible trade deals that are being made by the United States to the benefit of Mexico. I will not be party to that, because my love of the country is too great to allow this to happen.

26 Jun, 2015

Bans Univision staff from Miami golf resort

Makes Statement

In response to being dropped by the network, Trump sends a letter to Univision CEO Falco  informing him that “no Univision officer or representative” is allowed to use his Trump National Doral, the resort and golf club immediately adjacent to Univision offices in Miami.

Please be advised that under no circumstances is any officer or representative of Univision allowed to use Trump National Doral, Miami—its golf courses or any of its facilities. Also, please immediately stop work and close the gate which is being constructed between our respective properties. If this is not done within one week, we will close it…Please congratulate your Mexican Government officials for having made such outstanding trade deals with the United States. However, inform them that should I become President, those days are over. We are bringing jobs back to the U.S. Also, a meaningful border will be immediately created, not the laughingstock that currently exists.

Univision responds:

[Univision Communications Inc.] employees should not stay at Trump properties while on company business or hold events/activities there.

29 Jun, 2015

NBC drops Miss USA,Miss Universe

Drops Product

NBC says it will drop Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, which it jointly owns with Trump.

At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values. Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.

Trump stands by his comments and said his “stance on immigration is correct.”

As far as ending the relationship, I have to do that, because my view of immigration is different from the folks at NBC. I told NBC, I just can’t change my stance…NBC is weak, and like everybody else is trying to be politically correct.

30 Jun, 2015

Sues Univision for $500 million

Files Suit

Trump sues Univision for $500 million in New York State Supreme Court for breach of contract and defamation, over a $13.5 million contract for broadcast rights to Trump’s Miss Universe Organization pageants. The parties had reached an agreement in January that included the rights to broadcast the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and the Miss Universe competition from 2015 through 2019. Univision agreed to pay $2.5 million per year until 2017, and $3 million per year for 2018 and 2019, and to make “reasonable efforts” to broadcast it over two to three hours on a Sunday night. Trump says Univision’s’ decision not to broadcast the pageant is politically motivated and an attempt to suppress his freedom of speech:

Nothing that I stated was different from what I have been saying for many years. I want strong borders, and I do not support or condone illegal immigration.

He also says a high-ranking Univision executive called him, claiming that Univision had been “inundated with calls demanding that Univision immediately terminate its relationship” with Trump after his remarks and that they could “no longer sell” the pageant to its sponsors or viewers. Trump also claims the executive apologized to him for pulling the pageant, and that the network had decided to simply pay the Miss Universe Organization its $13.5 million in licensing fees. In a memo to staff Univision CEO Falco denies apologizing to Trump:

I can also assure you that we never apologized because we have nothing to apologize for.

Univision: Trump suit ‘ridiculous’

Makes Statement

Univision responds to Trump’s suit:

We just reviewed Mr. Trump’s complaint for the first time, and it is both factually false and legally ridiculous. We will not only vigorously defend the case, but will continue to fight against Mr. Trump’s ongoing efforts to run away from the derogatory comments he made on June 16th about Mexican immigrants. Our decision to end our business relationship with Mr. Trump was influenced solely by our responsibility to speak up for the community we serve.

1 Jul, 2015

Severs ties with Trump

Drops Product

Macy’s is ending its business relationship with Trump, and will drop Trump’s menswear collection.

Macy’s is a company that stands for diversity and inclusion. We have no tolerance for discrimination in any form. We welcome all customers, and respect for the dignity of all people is a cornerstone of our culture. We are disappointed and distressed by recent remarks about immigrants from Mexico. We do not believe the disparaging characterizations portray an accurate picture of the many Mexicans, Mexican Americans and Latinos who have made so many valuable contributions to the success of our nation. In light of statements made by Donald Trump, which are inconsistent with Macy’s values, we have decided to discontinue our business relationship with Mr. Trump and will phase-out the Trump menswear collection, which has been sold at Macy’s since 2004.

Trump issues a statement suggesting he initiated the breakup.

I have decided to terminate my relationship with Macy’s because of the pressure being put on them by outside sources. While selling Trump ties and shirts at Macy’s is a small business in terms of dollar volume, my principles are far more important and therefore much more valuable.

Poll: second place behind Bush

Poll result

According to a CNN poll, Trump is now the second runner amongst Republican candidates. Jeb Bush leads with 19%, up from 13% in May. Trump follows at 12%, up from 3% before his announcement. Mike Huckabee (8%), Ben Carson (7%) and Rand Paul (7%) round out the top five. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads all other candidates by more than 40 points, with 57% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents behind her and 16% backing Vice President Joe Biden. Trump says the numbers are “representative of the response we are receiving from all over the country.”

I am committed to addressing the issues our country is facing and am confident my business mindset and common sense solutions are resonating with the American people. Politicians are all talk and no action and the American public is ready for a leader with a proven track record of success.

‘Who is doing the raping?’


In an CNN interview with lemon, Trump says his comments on illegal immigrationa are backed up by this article on

Well if you look at the statistics of people coming, you look at the statistics on rape, on crime, on everything coming in illegally into this country it’s mind-boggling! If you go to Fusion, you will see a story: About 80% of the women coming in, you know who owns Fusion? Univision! Go to Fusion and pick up the stories on rape. It’s unbelievable when you look at what’s going on. So all I’m doing is telling the truth.

When Lemon says that the press stories are about women being raped, but not about criminals coming across the border, Trump responds:

Well, somebody’s doing the raping, Don! I mean somebody’s doing it! Who’s doing the raping? Who’s doing the raping? How can you say such a thing.

He also tells Lemon he is surprised he’s trailing Jeb Bush:

I don’t get it. He’s in favor of Common Core, extremely weak on immigration. He thinks people come over for love. I don’t understand why he’s in first place. Maybe it’s the Bush name. Last thing we need is another Bush. But I will tell you, I’m a little surprised he’s in the position he’s in.

Donald Trump: 'Somebody's doing the raping'

2 Jul, 2015

Ends Trump relationship

Drops Product

Serta end its licensing agreement, saying it will will stop manufacturing and selling Trump Home-branded mattresses, due to remarks he made in June 16 speech.

Serta values diversity and does not agree with nor endorse the recent statements made by Mr. Trump. Serta is in the process of unwinding our relationship.

3 Jul, 2015

Cites SF death

Makes Statement

Trump says Steinle’s murder by Sanchez, an undocumented immigrant and a repeat felon who had been deported five times to Mexico, shows that the border must be secured.

This senseless and totally preventable act of violence committed by an illegal immigrant is yet another example of why we must secure our border immediately. This is an absolutely disgraceful situation and I am the only one that can fix it. Nobody else has the guts to even talk about it. That won’t happen if I become President. The American people deserve a wall to protect our jobs, economy and our safety. I am the only candidate who would build it.

4 Jul, 2015

Didn’t expect severity of backlash


In an interview with Fox News, Trump says he didn’t expect the strength of the backlash against his comments to be quite as severe:

I knew it was going to be bad because I was told this. All my life I have been told this: If you are successful, you don’t run for office.I didn’t know it was going to be quite this severe, but I really knew it was going to be bad…It seems like I’m sort of the whipping post because I bring it up. And I don’t understand whether you are liberal or whether you are conservative or whether you are Republican, Democrat — why wouldn’t you talk about a problem? The crime is raging. It’s violent, and people don’t want to even talk about it. If you talk about it, you are a racist. I don’t understand it.

For the people who say I’m doing it for my brand – this isn’t good for my brand. I think it’s bad for my brand…You know, maybe I’m leading in polls, but this is certainly not good. I lose customers, I lose people. I had one of the top shows on television, The Apprentice, and I decided not to do it because I wanted to do this. I give up hundreds of millions of dollars of deals where I’m doing this. Then you hear about NASCAR, and you hear about NBC, and you hear about, you know, different people that drop Trump because Trump wants safety in the United States. If you think of it, what am I doing? I say let’s make our country safe, and people are offended. It’s incredible to me.

Responds to Republican critics

Makes Statement

In an interview with Fox news, Trump criticizes Republican opponents who have criticized his recent comments on immigration. On George Pataki:

I know Pataki well, and, you know, he’s a sad figure. He’s got zero in the polls, and he was a terrible governor of New York. Terrible. If he would have run again, he would have failed.

On Marco Rubio:

And, you know, as far as Rubio, he is very weak on immigration, and I have been saying that for a long time about him.

On Jeb Bush:

He’s not a stupid guy, so I don’t assume that he thinks every Mexican crossing the border is a rapist. So he’s doing this to inflame and to incite and to draw attention to his campaign, which seems to be his organizing principle of his campaign, and it doesn’t represent the Republican Party or its values.

Panama drops Miss Universe

Drops Product

Panama drops out of the Miss Universe pageant in protest of Trump’s comments about immigrants. The Miss Panama Organization and the Telemetro TV station say they wont be a part of the contest or broadcast it:

In a message of solidarity for our Mexican brothers and sisters

Panama and Telemetro say they will re-evaluate their decision:

Only in the event of an apology.

Or if:

Tolerance among nations can be guaranteed.

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