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13 Nov, 2012

Dr. Phil interview


Seacrest interviews Dr. Phil during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about his Thanksgiving plans.

Fortunately, we all are able to get around the table. We’ve got two grandkids now, Avery & London. So, we get to have them here and a turkey leg for each of them. We just have a great time. We have it here at the house. It’s a lot of fun having everybody together.

18 Sep, 2013

Dr Phil interview

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Hall interviews McGraw on The Arsenio Hall Show. They talk about Hall’s first show and why McGraw held his wife’s hand and how he feels about his wife’s reaction in general when he is asked to be a guest on a talks show.

I grabbed her hand and we walked off and everybody thought that is just nice, that is real and she now has missed one show through eleven years and that was the day she had to be on Oprah.

5 Mar, 2015

Dr. Phil breakdown

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During an interview with Dr. Phil, Gordon has an on-air breakdown, admits to drug use, and says he cannot cope with Houston’s death and the possible loss of long-time girlfriend, Brown. Gordon’s mother:

As we sit here right now, my son’s life hangs in the balance. When Whitney was found, he administered CPR to her and called me as he was standing in front of her saying, ‘Mom, why couldn’t I do it? I couldn’t get air into her lungs. He won’t let go of the guilt.

Nick Gordon Threatens Suicide on 'Dr. Phil': 'My Pain Is Horrible'