Duane Ludwig

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27 May, 2017

Dillashaw coach: Thousands of years ago, Conor McGregor would probably be the king

Makes Statement

Ludwig, TJ Dillashaw’s coach says he has a hard time coming to grips with all the trash talk and bravado that is produced by people trying to emulate McGregor.

I’m not a smart person, but I need to dumb myself down in order to understand what’s going on in mixed martial arts…Look what Conor’s been able to do,. That motherf-cker might fight [Floyd] Mayweather. That is huge. I’m a Conor McGregor fan, that guy is making some big things happen. But there’s a very select few people that can pull that off, it shouldn’t be everybody acting mad and talking stupid. You know, people are trying to talk like Conor, but he doesn’t swear, he’s really articulate, he’s funny. The guy’s a genius at what he’s doing. I’m all for that. And he performs, he loves the limelight. I’m all for it. I want to see how far he can go as a human. I think if we were f-cking thousands of years ago, he would probably be the king. He’d be running shit. Tell me that guy couldn’t be running a country. He’s probably running Ireland.”

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