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26 Jan, 2016

SF Mayor requests federal probe

Opens investigation

San Francisco Mayor Lee requests a federal investigation into the police shooting of Woods. Lee says that the federal investigation will invite “transparency and accountability” in the San Francisco police department:

We seek answers, not just to the facts of Mr Woods’ case, but also answers about how as a Police Department and a City we can build deeper, stronger trust between law enforcement and the communities they’re sworn to protect.

7 Feb, 2015

Donates $75 million


Zuckerberg and Chan donate $75 million to San Francisco General Hospital. The donation is to help fund equipment and technology. San Francisco Mayor Lee:

It’s incredibly gracious they have recognized the importance of this hospital to the entire city. They have made sure, in the future, there will be enough money to maintain and modernize it. They want a public hospital as important as this to be at world-class standards every year.

31 Dec, 2012

Crunchies 2012

Conway and Lee introduce the awards. Conway talks about the tech industry’s local engagement with politics and the national agenda:

We want to hire San Franciscans inside the tech companies in San Francisco…our agenda this year nationally is to finally pass immigration reform

Mayor Ed Lee & Ron Conway from SV Angel | TechCrunch 2012 Crunchies Highlights

31 Mar, 2012

Denies ‘pay-for-play’

Lee denies that favoring companies backed by Conway in return for political support. He confirms that he has intervened to try to prevent a 14% tax on rentals arranged over Airbnb, and to keep city taxi regulators from banning Square. Lee:

This is less about Ron Conway and more about sf.citi and how we can help companies that are giving back to San Francisco

13 Jan, 2012

SF.citi initiative launched

Mayor Lee announces the series of initiatives, known as San Francisco Citizens Initiative for Technology & Innovation and supported by Conway and Tech Crunch‘s Heather Harde. Lee:

Last year with our Mid-Market payroll tax and stock option exemptions, as well as during my campaign and our administration’s priorities, we have worked hard to attract and recruit high-tech companies and jobs to San Francisco

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