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15 Dec, 2014

Police seek expert views

Two Limassol, Cyprus police officers travelEdgar_Degas_-_Dancer_Adjusting_Her_Shoe_1885._Pastel_Dixon_Gallery to France to speak to experts regarding a stolen painting believed to be the work of 19th century French Impressionist, Edgar Degas. The piece is a pastel on paper, titled Dancer Adjusting Her Shoe, but there are doubts regarding its authenticity.

28 Nov, 2014

Insurance claim denied

Lloyd’s of LondDegas sculptureon denies a claim for a missing $3 million dollar Degas sculpture, insured for $2 million. In a Manhattan Supreme Court complaint, Lloyd’s claims suspicious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the 39 inch bronze artwork.

The claim of the loss of Degas bronze results from theft or dishonesty by a person to whom the insured property was entrusted.

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