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16 Jul, 2007

Revokes honorary degree

The University of Edinburgh revokes an honorary degree awarded to Mugabe, that it had awarded in 1984. He is the international figure to be stripped of an honorary degree by a British university. The University agreed to set up an investigative panel after the student association raised the events between 1982 and 1984 in Matabeleland, in November 2005. The panel established that the university had legal powers to recall an honorary degree.

[The panel] examined evidence relating to the situation in Zimbabwe in the early 1980s, evidence which was not available to the university at the time the degree was conferred.


Edinburgh University honorary degree

Other Awards

University of Edinburgh awards Mugabe the Honorary Degree of Doctoris Honoris Causa for services to education in Africa.

Honoured not only for his extraordinary intellectual discipline and energy but for those qualities of statesmanship which made him one of the great figures of modern Africa.

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