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25 Aug, 2010

Lost sleep over scandal

Nordegren admits that she lost sleep, weight, and hair after she learned of her husband’s infidelities. She also admits that she had no idea that her husband was sleeping with other women during the course of their marriage.

I really wanted people to know three things right off the bat: I’m not violent; I’ve never hit him; I had no idea any of this was going on.

3 Jul, 2010

Divorce Settlement

Nordegren walks away with $100 million after her divorce to Woods, $20 million for each year of marriage. Woods originally offered Nordegren $55 million for two years or $80 million for seven years if she didn’t divorce him.

1 Mar, 2010

People cover

Magazine Cover

elinNordegren appears on the cover of People after she is faced with her husbands infidelities. Even after Woods attended rehab for sleeping with multiple women, Nordegren finds it hard to take him back.

She was livid and out for the kill when she learned of all of these women. And if these pregnancies are true, it will make her even madder, I promise you.

14 Dec, 2009

Woods, Nordegren separate

Nordegren has separated from Woods after learning about the multiple affairs he had with 14 different women. Nordegren is now talking to a divorce lawyer regarding a divorce.

28 Nov, 2009

Fights with Nordegren, crashes car

Around 2:25 a.m., after Nordegren confronts Woods about rumors of his involvement with other women. When Woods leaves in his 2009 Cadillac Escalade, she hits Woods and his SUV with a golf club, and chases the car. Woods crashes his car into a fire hydrant and hits a tree. Initially it is reported that Nordegren heard the crash and went to Woods aid, smashing the rear window of the SUV to help him escape. Police arrived to find Woods, drifting in and out of consciousness, lying in the street with his wife watching over him.  He is taken to a nearby hospital about 10 minutes later. Woods also tells a non-law enforcement individual that he suffered facial lacerations from the crash. Police said the air bags on the 2009 Escalade did not deploy, meaning Woods was likely driving slower than 33 mph. The couple issue a statement:

Tiger Woods was in a minor car accident outside his home last night,” it read. “He was admitted, treated and released in good condition. We appreciate very much everyone’s thoughts and well wishes. 

2 Sep, 2008

Woods, Nordegren second child

Woods and Nordegren expect their second child in late winter. About fatherhood, Woods says:

It was a dream come true for both Elin and myself. I’ve been changing diapers and doing feedings. I definitely don’t sleep now.

18 Jun, 2007

Sam Alexis Woods is born


samWoods and Nordegren welcome daughter Sam Alexis into the world.

Both Elin and Sam are doing well and resting peacefully. We want to thank our doctors and the hospital staff for all their dedicated and hard work. This is truly a special time in our lives and we look forward to introducing Sam to our family and friends over the next few weeks. We thank everyone for their well wishes and continued respect of our privacy.

30 Dec, 2006

Woods, Nordegren first child

Woods announces that he and his wife are expecting their first child, due this summer. He plans to stay home for a few weeks before starting his PGA tour in late January.

As some of you know, today is my 31st birthday. I’ll spend it quietly with family and friends, but Elin and I have more exciting news to share: We are expecting our first child together this summer.

5 Oct, 2004

Woods, Nordegren marry


Woods and Norgedren marry after dating for four years. The couple wed in Barbados at the Barbados Resort Sandy Lane, in front of 200 family and friends. Source:

He didn’t act like he was going to get married. He was very relaxed, like this was any other day for him.

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