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26 Jan, 2016

Sebring, OH, water operator accused

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Ohio’s Environmental Protection Agency accuses the water treatment plant operator of falsifying reports in a lead poisoning scandal in Sebring, Ohio. It is not clear at this time how long the lead has been leaching into the town’s drinking water. The agency issued a warning about Sebring’s water supply on Dec. 3, The agency then directly notified residents of the issue on Jan 21 when it came to their attention that the local water authority had not done so.

8 Sep, 2015

Accuses EPA of lying about spill amount

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During a speech to a crowd of high school students in the Navajo Nation city of Shiprock, NM, Brockovich accuses the EPA of not telling the truth about the amount of wastewater that fouled rivers in three states after spilling from a Colorado mine.

They did not tell the truth about the amount. There were millions and millions of gallons.