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1 Jul, 2015

Episcopalians allow gay marriage

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The Episcopalian church gives its blessing to allow same-sex couples to marry in the church. Same sex weddings will be allowed after November 1st, however, in a compromise with conservatives, clergy can refuse to perform same-sex services and bishops can prohibit the ceremonies in their diocese. The denomination’s landmark vote, at the Episcopal General Convention in Salt Lake City, came 12 years after the church elected its first openly gay bishop. Priests in many dioceses have already been allowed to perform civil same-sex weddings with a modified prayer service. Church spokesperson:

We have learned to not only care for, but care about one other. That mutual care was present in the conversations we had. Some people disagreed, some people disagreed deeply, but we prayed and we listened and we came up with compromises that we believe make room and leave no one behind.


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