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Eric Garner

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Eric Garner was a 43-year old man who was arrested in Staten Island, New York on July 17, 2014. Held in what appeared to be a chokehold, he suffered cardiac arrest and died soon after. His death, which was captured on video, caused nationwide protests about police brutality.

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17 Jul, 2014

Arrested for selling untaxed cigarettes

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Garner is confronted by police when he sells illegal cigarettes, he raises both hands in the air and tells the officers not to touch him. Officers grab Garner, place him in a choke hold and pull him to the sidewalk. Garner:

I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!

Dies of heart attack

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NYPD officer Pantaleo places Garner in a choke hold and he goes into cardiac arrest. Garner is declared dead at a nearby hospital. NYPD:

Garner suffered a heart attack and died en route to the hospital.

21 Jul, 2014

EMS workers placed on modified duty


Four EMS workers who respond to the Garner arrest are placed on modified duty after they don’t administer CPR on Garner.  FDNY:

The workers are not city employees but work for Richmond University Medical Center.

23 Jul, 2014

EMS workers suspended without pay


Two EMS workers and two paramedics are suspended without pay when they don’t administer CPR on Garner. Witness, Taisha Allen:

I was distraught, I was upset and mad that the cops had him on the floor like that. And they should have performed CPR on him and they didn’t.

Demonstrators march


Image: Grand Jury Declines To Indict NYPD Officer In Eric Garner DeathDemonstrators march through the streets to demand justice for deceased, Garner. Demonstrators:

It ends today!




Hundreds gather in Brooklyn for Garner’s funeral, including his six children. Reverend Sharpton speaks:

Let’s not play games with this. You don’t need no training to stop choking a man saying I can’t breathe. You don’t need no cultural orientation to stop choking a man saying I can’t breathe. You need to be prosecuted and you need to be put away.

31 Jul, 2014

Mayor hosts reform discussion


New York Mayor de Blasio hosts a discussion with the police commissioner and the Rev. Sharpton to try to ease tensions with minority communities after Garner’s death. Sharpton:

If Dante wasn’t your son, he’d be a candidate for a chokehold. And we’ve got to deal with that reality.

Mayor de Blasio Delivers Remarks on Eric Garner Decision

1 Aug, 2014

Medical examiners ruling: homicide


The city’s medical examiner rules Garner’s death a homicide, saying a chokehold killed him. Garner’s acute and chronic bronchial asthma, obesity and hypertensive cardiovascular disease were contributing factors. Medical examiner:

Compression of the neck and chest, along with Garner’s positioning on the ground while being restrained by police caused his death.

5 Dec, 2014

Protesters invade NY stores


Hundreds of protesters take to the streets of New York and stage in store demonstrations at the Apple Store, Macy’s and Bryant park.

I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. How do you spell racist…..NYPD!

Protesters invade Apple store in NYC, demand justice for Eric Garner

9 Dec, 2014

I Can’t Breathe shirts


lebron-james-i-cant-breatheJames, Garnett, Irving, and Williams wear the black shirts with white text during the pre-game warmups for the Nets-Cavs clash, after Bulls guard Derrick Rose wore the same shirt in a Saturday pre-game warmup in solidarity for Garner. Nets guard Jarrett Jack, who played for the Cavs last season and says he supplied the Cavs players with the shirts after he heard James was looking for them:

I just heard people’s opinion on the topic, and I know [the Cavaliers] are on the road, this is the place where it happened, so if they wanted to be a part of the cause or make a statement without actually necessarily saying any words, I definitely extended the invitation…I know us as a team we’re gonna go out and try to make a stance and show that we’re a team that’s not with prejudice. We want to have tolerance for everybody.

13 Jul, 2015

Family settles for $5.9 million

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Officials say the family of Garner accepts settlement for $5.9 million with New York City. NYC Comptroller Stringer:

Following a judicious review of the claim and facts of this case, my office was able to reach a settlement with the estate of Eric Garner that is in the best interests of all parties. We are all familiar with the events that lead to the death of Eric Garner and the extraordinary impact his passing has had on our City and our nation. It forced us to examine the state of race relations, and the relationship between our police force and the people they serve. [The settlement] acknowledges the tragic nature of Mr. Garner’s death while balancing my office’s fiscal responsibility to the City.

Stringer also says the settlement does not mean New York City accepts liability.