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28 Jun, 1997

Holyfield v Tyson: W DQ 3 Ear bite

Tyson is disqualified in Round 3 for twice biting the ear of Evander Holyfield in their rematch in Las Vegas, Tyson’s 48th fight. Tyson later complains that he was retaliating for continuous headbutts by Holyfield.  A crowd of 18,187 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena produced a gate of $17,277,000. Domestic pay-per-view buys totaled more than 1.99 million and generated $99,822,000. The fight was shown on closed circuit television at 1,625 locations in the United States and generated $5,959,000. The fight was also seen in 97 foreign countries and foreign sales totaled $21,240,000, which included sponsorships.

Tyson vs Holyfield 2 full fight

9 Nov, 1996

Holyfield v Tyson: TKO 11

In a stunning upset, 25-1 favorite Mike Tyson loses his heavyweight crown to ‘washed up’ Evander Holyfield who frustrates and ultimately outclass the former ‘baddest man on the planet’. The Las Vegas crowd of 16,103 produced a gate of $14,150,700 while 1.59 million pay-per-view buys generated over $79 million.

Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield I

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