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19 Aug, 2017

Weidman predicts McGregor-Mayweather trilogy fight

Former UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman, predicts that McGregor will win his fight against Mayweather, but that there will be further rematches.

Yeah, I mean I think I have [McGregor] winning now. I think he’s gonna win. That’s my last prediction. Third-round knockout. It’s just a gut feeling, just I’m feeling it. I think it’s gonna happen and then they’re going to have a second fight, Mayweather’s gonna win that and then next thing you know they got a Conor verses Floyd trilogy, and everybody’s spent 300 bucks, which means 500 million for each of them.

Submission Radio #135 Chris Weidman, Kenny Florian, Stipe Miocic, Duane & Hunter

18 Aug, 2017

Diaz: If I was McGregor I’d beat Malignaggi’s ass

Diaz talks about boxers who are criticizing McGregor.

And now all the boxers are criticizing Conor, and Conor won’t get embarrassed, but it’s a real arrogant thing to say…Sparring with some clown from wherever…I’ll beat that guy’s ass too…That guy was on the internet, talking sh-t about him the other day? What kind of sparring partner have you got? I’d shove that guy in the gym and beat his ass if I was Conor…I’d box him in the ring, whoop his ass, and then throw him down at the end…Most people in MMA can’t box. Need a lot of work. Boxers are clowns sometimes…I’m never taking the MMA fighters’over the boxers’ side, when it comes to punching…but we’re talking real fighters now you one-dimensional boxing f-cks.

Nate Diaz BLASTS Boxers Mocking Conor McGregor!

Hatton: Referee Robert Byrd could prove crucial in McGregor vs Mayweather

Hatton, who was beaten by Mayweather in the tenth round, and believes that Joe Cortez, who was refereeing, didn’t allow him the opportunity to fight on the inside, says the decisions of the referee will be crucial in McGregor’s fight against Mayweather.

If the referee lets him have a crack. I think when I look back on it (my fight with Mayweather) I hope the referee lets Conor have a go. I’m not saying that I’d have won the [Mayweather] fight anyway if the referee had let me had a go. All you want is a fair crack of the whip. I think he must be thinking the same as me. Just let me have a fair shout and let me have a go at him. If he lets him have a fight with his strength as well, I think with Floyd at 40 years of age – we might see him dwindle a lot. If Conor can put his foot on the gas from there on in he might get a late stoppage or maybe even a points win. I think Conor will probably say I don’t mind losing the early rounds – as long as bit by bit I can sap his strength and drain him – and slow him down a bit. You’d have to say with Mayweather’s boxing ability the early part of the fight is Floyd’s but eventually if he’s given the opportunity by the referee to keep on him and keep on him, by the time it gets to round 6, 7 and 8 – then it might be Conor’s part of the fight

McGregor responds to Haye’s loose-armed mockery

After Haye mocks McGregor’s loose-limbed training exercise:

McGregor responds, referencing Haye’s broken-toe excuse after losing to Wladimir Klitschko in 2011:

It’s a shoulder-loosening exercise. It gets the shoulders warmed up but you’ve got to do it correctly. I saw David Haye hit pads with it but you can’t hit pads when the shoulder’s disconnected. You hit when the shoulder is disconnected and you’ll do serious damage to yourself. And David Haye is a man who has pulled out of contests with a sore baby toe so he must be careful with the way he hits pads.

Mayweather, Malignaggi: McGregor was dirty when sparring

Mayweather says footage of McGregor sparring Malignaggi shows the UFC lightweight champion to be “extremely dirty” in the ring.

A lot of shots were illegal. Lots of grappling and illegal punching behind the head…He had Joe Cortez in his camp but I still saw him being extremely dirty. My job is not to worry about the referee but to let the referee do his job.

Malignaggi also says the same:

His intensity is a good thing. I just don’t know if he can go without fouling. Fighting up close, I think he gets a bit confused and he ends up fouling. I think that’s where he can be most intense but fighting up close is the hardest thing in boxing to learn and I don’t think you can do that in a few months.

17 Aug, 2017

McGregor: I am still the UFC featherweight and UFC lightweight champion

On his media conference call, McGregor says he still considers himself the UFC featherweight and UFC lightweight champion

I mean, how can I not consider myself the UFC featherweight world champion and the UFC lightweight world champion? The current UFC featherweight world champion is Max Holloway, a man who I dismantled, and the former was Jose Aldo — I still reign supreme over that division. And then also, the 155-pound division, I know there’s talks of an interim belt, I’d only won that belt, and literally a month later there was an interim scheduled…But it is what it is, everyone knows I am the multiple-weight world champion of the UFC’s featherweight division and lightweight division, and I look forward to going back and continuing where I left off.

16 Aug, 2017

Mayweather: McGregor will lose 90% of his purse if he kicks

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mayweather talks about what would happen if McGregor kicks him.

That’s a huge fine. I don’t think he wants to lose 90 per cent of his money, or even more. I don’t really know what it’s gonna be [the fine] but it’s gonna be a heavy fine.

Asked if he would kick McGregor back:

I’m not gonna do that. I follow the Queen’s rules of boxing.

And if he would fight in MMA:

As of right now, we gotta get past August 26. Once we get past August 26, then we can talk about other things.

White: McGregor ‘is going to be the biggest athlete on the planet’

White says that boxing has snubbed MMA, and is now ready for a wake up call.

Here’s the reality: boxing has tried to snub this sport for a very long time. The people who think is going to be this one-sided whatever with Floyd Mayweather, don’t know Conor McGregor yet. The beautiful thing about this thing is that it’s the biggest combat sport [event] ever in the history of combat sports — now you’re going to meet Conor McGregor, motherf—s!…When he makes this upset — and it’ll be the biggest upset in the history of sports — he’s going to be the biggest athlete on the planet. It’s going to be awesome.

Dana White talks McGregor/Mayweather, Breaking Records, and Paulie Malignaggi

15 Aug, 2017

Malignaggi calls out McGregor

Malignaggi says he wants to settle his feud with McGregor in a boxing ring.

It’s picked up a ton of momentum, the bad blood is there so let’s fight. We’ll need to see how he looks against Mayweather. If he looks dog s***, no one will want to see us fight. As long as he doesn’t get the living s*** beaten out of him, I think the demand is there to make the fight…I showed up with the best intentions in camp, but at a certain point you realise that you are being used as a pawn where somebody is trying to get ahead at your expense and not through your help…f I never see him or speak to him for the rest of my life, it’s cool.

The MMA Hour: Episode 395 (w/Cormier, GSP, Malignaggi, Hardy in Studio, More)

White: McGregor ‘gave Malignaggi a one-sided beating’

White talks about suggestions by Malignaggi that he had edited the McGregor sparring footage to make McGregor look better.

What am I Steven Spielberg! Come on! It’s footage of the actual sparring. I was there for all 12 rounds. Paulie has said some bad things about me. I felt sorry for the guy. It was a one-way beating. A lot of people were saying Conor couldn’t box. Paulie was obviously lying about everything about the sparring match, so I released it….I got no problem releasing the full tape, the problem is that Conor doesn’t want Mayweather to see everything he’s working on…It was very one-sided. it was an absolute beating. It was the right thing for Paulie Malignaggi to leave, for his health’s sake…Conor’s going to come at [Mayweather] different than anyone he’s every faced before. It’s not going to be a boxing match, it’s going to be a fight.

Dana White "Conor McGregor gave Malignaggi a one sided beating"

14 Aug, 2017

Alvarez: ‘You’re a fool if you don’t think Conor can put Floyd away’

Alvarez says not to underestimate McGregor.

I think a lot of boxing fans are looking at Conor as if he’s never, ever boxed. Even the way they’re talking seems that they’re writing him off like he never boxed. He boxed, he understands boxing. I just think his chance is going to happen within the first four rounds. And Conor can. I think you’re a fool if you don’t think Conor can put Floyd away. I think he can. I think he can land a punch and put Floyd away…I think if it goes past the fourth round and gets in the fifth, sixth, seventh where it can become a technical boxing match, I think it could look look one sided. Floyd’s the king of that, he’s the king of swimming and not getting wet. He can punch and not get hit. So I think if it goes further past five, six, seven, eight he could win by TKO. But I think before that time, that’s where Conor’s time is — in the first four rounds.

White: It’s crazy to rule out McGregor beating Mayweather

White says he believes in McGregor’s ability to beat Mayweather.

I stopped doubting Conor McGregor a long time ago. Everything he’s told me he’s going to do, he’s done, so if he says he’ll beat Floyd Mayweather inside four rounds, he will. I don’t think Conor underestimates him, he obviously respects him but you’ve got to remember – Floyd is 41 years old and Conor McGregor is 28 years old. He’s the bigger, stronger fighter. People aren’t giving him a chance and that’s just crazy. This is going to be a fight, and anything can happen in a fight…[8 ounce gloves] definitely benefits Conor. First of all, Floyd isn’t a big puncher, he’s not a knockout puncher. His whole game is defence, using the gloves to defend himself and smaller gloves means Conor will have more places to hit. We’ve always wanted to have smaller gloves, they didn’t want it and now all of a sudden Floyd has decided that he wants smaller gloves. So now we have a hearing with the state commission this week and hopefully that will happen. Conor isn’t concerned about Floyd’s punching power at all.

13 Aug, 2017

Porter reacts to McGregor-Malignaggi sparring footage

Porter, who will face Mayweather Promotions’ Thomas Dulorme in the main event of the Fox Prelims for McGregor vs. Mayweather on August 26th, talks about the McGregor-Malignaggi sparring session.

That’s a knockdown. That’s a knockdown…Conor’s roughing up Paulie a lot like he should do Floyd…And he’s bringing that left hand, which we’re all being told is going to be his deadly punch.


12 Aug, 2017

McGregor: I’ll be 20 pounds heavier than Mayweather in the ring

McGregor says he will be heavier than Mayweather.

You ain’t never seen me troubled by no small man like that…If he comes in any heavier [than 150] he’s not going to be in peak physical condition. If he comes in at 150, he’s in peak physical condition, but he’s gonna be 150 pounds. I’m going to be 170 plus on the night. If  I don’t know what else to say…It’s over before it even begins. Trust me on that.

McGregor: ‘Not really too much of a fan of either’ Canelo Alvarez or Gennady Golovkin

McGregor gives his opinion on Alvarez and Golovkin.

I’m not really too much of a fan of either of those. I think Canelo’s a little but stuck, a little bit flat on his feet. When I watch footage of him I just see him getting peppered — he has no feet under him…Golovkin I think came into camp, for this preparation, badly out of shape. I’m looking at him badly out of shape up in Big Bear and I just see a drained individual. So, although they’re supposedly up there as well, I don’t really think they are.

Conor McGregor not a fan of Canelo or Golovkin, says "Canelo is flat footed & Golovkin out of shape"

Lobov: Malignaggi didn’t land anything on McGregor

Lobov, McGregor’s long-time training partner and fellow UFC fighter, says Malignaggi wasn’t used to not being the centre of attention.

In boxing they very rarely train in camps. You very rarely see two champions train together.  It’s always centered around one guy – he is the star and then everyone else is there to support him. Paulie just was not used to not being that star, he just wasn’t able to deal with it.

On the ‘pushdown’:

Sorry that there was no good pictures of Paulie, because he didn’t land anything in sparring!  So, what can we do?

On McGregor being cheap with sparring partners:

They had their own house.  A normal house, they had a car, they had their meals sorted.  Three meals a day sorted from a restaurant.  You know, not just where they had to cook themselves.  No, they had restaurant meals delivered to them, every day, three times a day.  And they were getting paid!  I mean, what else can you ask for?


McGregor: We were worried about Malignaggi, he ‘took a lot of head trauma’

At his Media Scrum, McGregor talks about his sparing session with Malignaggi.

He was looking for an exit. The spars were not good for him. He took a lot of head trauma. Straight after it we were worried. The sparring partners were actually telling us when he was dropped back at the home that he was stumbling out of the car after the 12-rounder…He was flattened against the ropes; multiple times the ropes kept him on his feet. We were worried about him. We thought the worst was about to happen. He was certainly badly concussed. And then he just got out of there and went running…He showed (up), he tried his best, it didn’t go his way. He got his ass whooped, he got his pride dented, and then he wanted a way out. What better way for a guy like him to exit under a load of questions…He was flattened. What can I say? He got his ass whooped. But I like the guy. He’s kind of like a lovable mouthpiece.

McGregor: Mayweather is a ‘rat and a weasel’ for racism claims

In response to accusations from Mayweather that McGregor’s team called his team ‘monkeys’:

I just didn’t like when he called us monkeys. I think that was totally disrespect. He called us monkeys. I didn’t like it. It didn’t push a button to make me jump out of my character and go crazy, but I didn’t like it.

At his Media Scrum, McGregor says:

He knows there’s no racism from me; his father knows, [his manager] Leonard Ellerbe knows, ask these people. He says I labelled him a monkey, I never once labelled him or any other African American a monkey, and it f****** annoys me he’s bringing this stuff up…If I was to label him after any animal it would be a rat or a weasel, that’s a rat and a weasel move trying to manipulate someone’s words and create something that isn’t even there. That’s such a sensitive subject. He’s a man who beats his wife in front of his kid. He is the dirt of the dirt so to even bring that up and engage in that, that shows me his true colours.

11 Aug, 2017

Ellerbe: $60 million box office answers critics

Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather productions says critics of the fight, such as Oscar de la Hoya, are on the wrong track.

The fact of the matter is we have over $60 million in the box office right now, which is more than double any other live gate that’s ever been done. The fight that they have on the 16th of September (Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin) next month, our fight right now we’ve got more in the box office right now — double — than they will have…Mind your f****** business. “You know? It’s like do your job, cover the sport. Obviously, you have to give your opinion, which we understand that. It’s like, we don’t see you saying nothing else about anybody else’s events. We know what this is about. It’s like, OK, one thing is for sure — you’re not gonna stop this event. The fans demanded this event and that’s what they’re gonna get. We didn’t ask for this. Social media was on fire because these two guys were going at it…Did we happen to miss the world tour? Did we see the record number of amount of fans to come out and support a world tour. You kidding me?

Mayweather: Beating McGregor by decision would be ‘win for him’

Mayweather says he will have failed if he fails to knock out McGregor in their upcoming fight.

If the fight goes the distance it is a win for him. But I don’t think that is going to happen. He is going around saying that it will be over in four rounds, and he might be right. But it will be because I say so, and not him…The people should expect entertainment, and that is what I am going to give them. They have to understand that this is a show. One of the biggest shows in history. No one is going to be disappointed. I will be coming forward. I am coming to get him.

9 Aug, 2017

Barker: McGregor should fight Malignaggi next

Former world champion Darren Barker says McGregor should stay in boxing after facing Floyd Mayweather and settle his feud with Malignaggi.

I think McGregor will box again after this fight. I have called it a bad day for UFC, because I think they will lose McGregor. He’ll be loving the hype around this fight and especially the money…He won’t be able to get an opponent like Mayweather again, but he is going to love being involved in the No 1 combat sport which is boxing, no doubt. It’s stood the test of time and I think McGregor will want to be a part of it for years to come…I think McGregor released those pictures for his own confidence, regardless of what happened, to try and unsettle Mayweather in some way. But that’s going to be impossible as Mayweather has seen and heard it all before. Good luck to McGregor for trying.

Roddy: McGregor gets better every day, every week

Roddy, McGregor’s striking coach, praises his fighter’s progress.

We’re all very happy and very excited. Conor improves on a daily basis. The Conor of today is better than the Conor of yesterday. He gets better every day, every week. We’ve got another three weeks, so there will be huge improvements again. He is such a good student. He has a great ability to pick up on things. I don’t know how he does it. I’ve never seen it before from any student. From the start of camp to now, he has improved phenomenally and he will continue to improve over the next couple of weeks. It’s so exciting.

Bradley: I was there when McGregor sparred Malignaggi

In an article in The Irish News, Tiernan says he is surprised by Malignaggi’s statements.

Any time I’ve logged on to social media, it’s been ‘Paulie say this’ or ‘Paulie says that’ – we all know Paulie can talk, but even he must be exhausted after doing so many interviews. It’s almost a week since he left the training camp, and it was a shame to see him go. Although he was only really about for a week-and-a-half, Paulie was a good guy to have around the place. But, having been here the whole time, some of the things he has come out with in the last seven days have taken me by surprise.

On the sparring session:

I did Paulie’s corner for the spar, their second after a feisty first encounter, and I can safely say it will be very interesting when the video comes out after the fight. When you’re in sparring, sometimes you think you’re doing better than you are, but watching back afterwards can reveal the true nature of the spar. I’ve experienced that myself, you start to notice little things you did wrong, or maybe punches landed that you don’t remember…Conor stayed very professional; Paulie was saying stuff and then getting hit. Conor chose his moments to talk back. There are tactics to mental warfare too, knowing when to talk, and then there’s stupidity.It wasn’t a one-sided spar either way but I thought one was the clear winner overall and that was Conor. He was very calm, very professional and, honestly, he really impressed me on the day.

When Malgnaggi saw the ‘shovedown’ photo:

He was clearly pissed off, showing us his phone, saying ‘what the f**k?’ or whatever. It was weird though because after that Conor came into the changing room but Paulie didn’t mention it, even though they did speak. We were in the car home from training to get food and Paulie was like ‘drop me back to the house’. You could see he was hanging his head, thinking about things. He was in a bad mood. We left him to the house and when we came back he was gone – we were only away about 45 minutes. He must’ve been straight in, suitcase packed, out the door…As for the ‘knockdown’ itself, you can make your own mind up when the footage is eventually released, if anybody even cares by that stage. I’ve seen people say that, from the photo, you can tell that it was a push down by the body language of Joe Cortez. I can tell you now – Joe didn’t see the incident that led to Paulie being on the ground. He didn’t see it.

This camp is not about Paulie. When we’re in the gym, we’re concentrating on Conor, getting him ready. I did some school sparring with him on the Thursday, the day Paulie left and it was as if nothing had happened. This is not the Big Brother house. It’s a training camp, and that’s all anybody left here cares about.

8 Aug, 2017

Referee Cortez: McGregor is an excellent student

Cortez, who has officiated over 170 world title bouts, comments on the sparring sessions between McGregor and Malignaggi.

August 26th is going to be a big fight here in Las Vegas and the whole world is going to be watching it. It will be one of the biggest pay-per-views in the history of any sport and I’m glad to be part of it in the sense that I’m teaching McGregor how to fight boxing instead of MMA. I’m teaching him the boxing rules, I’m not teaching him to fight, just teaching him the rules. I was hired to teach him the unified rules to make sure he doesn’t commit any fouls. I don’t want to see him disqualified or have any point deductions during the fight…He’s an excellent student, he’s learning real quick. Everything I’m teaching him, he’s learning. This is the biggest fight for him and these guys are making over 100 million dollars a piece. They better abide by the rules and listen to what I’m telling them because we want a good clean fight…McGregor is a puncher. McGregor is quick with his punches, he hits hard, so anything is possible.

7 Aug, 2017

Bisping: McGregor can beat Mayweather, but only with an early KO

Bisping says McGregor has to hit early.

Of course he has a chance, everybody has a puncher’s chance. Conor has more than a puncher’s chance because he’s working and sparring hard, he’s athletic and he’s got good timing. But to win he’s got to turn it into a brawl, simple as that. He can’t try to outbox Floyd Mayweather because he will lose if he tries to. He’s got to go for the early knockout. The longer the fight goes the more it swings in Floyd’s favour.

6 Aug, 2017

Malignaggi: McGregor ‘whimpers like a girl when he gets ripped’

In a series of tweets, Malignaggi says he regrets agreeing to spar with McGregor and is promising to reveal everything about the training sessions later this week.

Yea but this coming week I’ll actually start to discuss a bit what happened Tuesday, he whimpers like a girl when he gets ripped to body lol…Truthfully I was tryin hard 2 not make him look bad but if u listen 2 me b4, the praise is hollow, there wasn’t much substance 2 that praise…I won’t speak tactics of his, that I wouldn’t do, I still have some ethics I’m not Conor but def will give the story straight about stuff…I did  [give him an ass whoppin’] after Tues work, I suppose the ass whippin didn’t suit him so he posted dumb pics again by Thurs while skipping sparring that day…I wouldn’t say that {McGregor gave me a tough session], a guy who’s been retired 4 months n jus got back in  gym 2 spar with him was kickin his ass by second sparring sesh lol.

5 Aug, 2017

Quigley: McGregor will KO Mayweather

Quigley says McGregor will shock the boxing world with a knockout against Mayweather.

I first met him in Boston when we did a charity event together about three years ago. He was just very respectful, he knew me already, and his profile has really blown up. I also bumped into Conor in Venice, Los Angeles, when he was rolling along on his low-rider bicycle. We exchanged numbers and have kept in touch since. He came out here one time looking for sparring, but I wasn’t able to spar because I had just fought James De la Rosa…Everybody thinks he has no chance, apart from myself, but Conor has the whole of Ireland behind him and anybody with the whole Ireland behind them is going to give someone problems….I’m not going to change my prediction, I think Conor McGregor is going to knock Floyd Mayweather out.

You have to step back and look at the statistics. Everybody is looking at Floyd Mayweather as the boxer, the world champion, undefeated, this, that, whatever. The man is 40 years of age. Conor is 29, in his prime, and alright he’s not a boxer, that’s plain to see, he’s an MMA fighter and that is how he’s made his career. But he is one of the best boxers skill-wise in MMA and his timing, reactions are on point.

McGregor: Malignaggi ‘got his ass whooped’

McGregor talks about Malignaggi coming to his camp. He had initially invited Malignaggi because of his trash talk.

I looked at his stance. Looked at his approach. Some similarities to Floyd. I dint really give a f—if he was similar to Floyd.. He was speaking a hell of a game.

After they spar:

He stayed in there. Got to give respect to that. But that was it. He came, he got his ass whooped. And that”s it.

Conor Mcgregor on Paulie Malignaggi "HE GOT HIS ASS WHOOPED"

4 Aug, 2017

Nick Diaz: If McGregor can hit Nate, he can hit Mayweather

Nick Diaz says McGregor has an understanding of boxing that could work against Mayweather.

As far as MMA, I want to say there’s maybe five guys that do jiu-jitsu that have an actual level of understanding when it comes to boxing. He obviously does. I feel like, if he can hit my brother he can definitely can put up somewhat of a fight with Floyd, if not actually bring him an actual challenge…I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I could say one thing, I could be wrong. Also, the ups and downs of life, you never know what’s going on. Either one of these guys could have a bad – like the last time my brother fought he had broken ribs, torn rib tissue. Neither one of those fights worked out for him. He had 13 days the first time and the next time he was injured. I was there for it.

Nick Diaz talks USADA suspensions, Mayweather vs. McGregor

Joshua responds to claims he slept with Khan’s wife

Joshua responds to claims that he is having an affair with Khan’s wife.

Bantz aside, I hope you guys can resolve your situation or this is a hack as we have never even met! Plus I like my women BBW 

Malignaggi leaves McGregor’s training camp

After the release of a photo by one of McGregor’s team that, according to Malignaggi, gave a false impression that he had been knocked down by McGregor, the boxer says he will leave McGregor’s training camp.

I just wanted to clear the air. I am leaving the McGregor training camp today. I came with best intentions & intended to help out. Just the chance to be part of such a big event in this capacity excited me.

I believe Conor & I have a mutual respect inside the ring, earned from each other with some good work over 2 sparring sessions. It’s some of the stuff outside the ring and some ways some things were handled in training camp that I didn’t agree with that made me come to this decision. It’s not my place to dictate terms in a training camp that is not mine, but it’s my place to decide if I want to be part of it. I will not give away anything tactical that I saw in 2 sparring sessions with Conor.

For what it’s worth, they have my word. The things that upset me though I will speak about in time. I wish team McGregor well in the rest of their preparations and look forward to being back in Vegas to work fight week on Showtime.

3 Aug, 2017

McGregor’s team: Gloves offer is ‘idle threat’

Roddy, McGregor’s striking coach, responds to Mayweather’s call to use 8 oz. gloves.

Floyd is trying to make an idle threat by saying he’ll wear 8oz gloves. Technically, he can’t. We expect 10oz gloves but, on our side, these are minuscule things that mean nothing. Whatever. Conor is used to fighting in 4oz gloves [in the UFC] so it doesn’t matter to him. Floyd may have affected previous opponents but, against us, he’s wasting his time by thinking up petty ideas. He’s wasting his own energy.”

Bayless: McGregor ‘will toy’ with Mayweather

Bayless says McGregor’s unpredictability means he can win.

Most boxers are raised to fight a certain way. Conor’s not raised to box anyway. He is as unconventional as you can get. He is crazy, but smart crazy. He’s gonna come with all kinds of stances and approaches.  I think it will be completely unpredictable how he will fight this fight. And because he has high fighting IQ, high combat IQ, he will toy with Floyd, in ways that Floyd has not been toyed with, or taunted…Because Conor McGregor will not be afraid for a moment of getting knocked out.

Mayweather: I’ll make $300 million for McGregor fight

On Showtime’s All Access: Mayweather v. McGregor, Mayweather says he will make $300 million for fighting McGregor. McGregor is rumoured to make $100 million.

I mean, am I the highest-paid athlete out there? And just coming back? We not talking about no contract. We not talking about no contract for no four years, or no contract for no five years. I can do it in 36 minutes. $300 (million) or better. In 36 minutes. Just being real…They call me ‘Money Mayweather for a reason. Imma get it regardless.

2 Aug, 2017

Report: Mayweather, McGregor must fight in 10-ounce gloves

ESPN reports that, according to Nevada State Athletic Commission rules, Mayweather and McGregor, who are contracted to fight at the junior middleweight division limit of 154 pounds, must fight with 10-oz gloves even if they agree they’d prefer 8-ounce gloves. NSAC rules:

Athletes (boxers/kick boxers) weighing-in up to and including 135 pounds must wear 8-oz gloves in competition, while athletes weighing-in over 135 pounds (junior welterweight class and above) must wear 10-oz gloves in competition. However, athletes weighing-in over 135 but (no) more than 147 may wear 8-oz gloves in competition if both athletes agree to do so in writing on their bout agreement (contract).

Duffy: McGregor has to find the gaps to beat Mayweather

Duffy, who beat McGregor in October 2011 with a 38-second submission at Cage Warriors 39, and who then switched to boxing, says the general level of boxing in elite MMA is rudimentary.

The standard isn’t high enough for a boxing match, but MMA is very different. With the small gloves on, you haven’t got to be as technical because it’s easier for the shots to slip through and to get stoppages, and sometimes a wilder fighter can catch you off guard quicker than a technical fighter. It’s just different…It was definitely tough [to learn boxing]. I remember my first session that was officially only boxing, and the intensity and attention to detail in that first hour and a half was crazy. I had a lot to learn. I immediately wondered if I was going to be able to do it, but out of stubbornness, I wouldn’t have been able to give up. The type of fitness is very different. We obviously cover some of that in MMA, but there’s a level of comfort you have to get to. I remember sparring high level guys and there was almost a fight-like nervousness every time you’d go to a new gym…Conor is not going to be able to put pop on every shot and won’t be able to look at the leg to the neck as a target area. The gaps you’re looking for are much smaller. That’s what I learned in boxing – how to spot and open gaps, and to pace myself while doing that. It’s just one of those differences that people take for granted. Conor has some sting on his shot but it’s different with smaller gloves, and obviously, Floyd’s defense is impeccable. Floyd is used to seeing these shots coming, and this is his battleground.

Kavanagh: Why McGregor is not using a boxing coach

Coach Kavanagh says McGregor is not using a boxing coach because they don’t see any value in it.

I don’t know if it’s a gamble or a risk. It’s a calculated risk…I  don’t see the sense in bringing in a new person that doesn’t know how [we do things]…The other side to looking at it is that there has been one of the best boxing trainers in the world, and he did train a southpaw for years and years and years…and his result was negative. It didn’t work out. Freddie Roach and Pacquiao. Whatever gameplan [Freddie] had for a southpaw to beat Mayweather didn’t work…Besides a few brief moments, Mayweather was able to handle it. So why would you bring in someone to repeat the same plan, and hope for a different result? We want to do something different altogether. A completely different approach.

Conor McGregor has chosen not to hire a boxing coach

McGregor: ‘Pick whatever size gloves you want as well little man’

McGregor responds to Mayweather’s call for 8-ounce gloves.

Another handy 12 rounds today. We are prepared to destroy Floyd. Pick whatever size gloves you want as well little man. I fight with 4oz. I don’t give a fuck about the size of the glove. I am coming sprinting at you with bricks. Know that. Brittle hands.

1 Aug, 2017

Mayweather to McGregor: Let’s fight in 8 oz glves

Mayweather posts to social media:

Don’t believe what you hear in the media. Don’t believe what you hear on blog sites. If it’s not coming directly from me, then it’s not true. I’m telling McGregor, “Let’s fight in 8 oz gloves”. McGregor can fight in any brand he prefers or chooses. I’ll be wearing 8 oz Grant gloves. Whatever advantage McGregor needs to feel more comfortable in the ring, I’m willing to accommodate. Let’s give the boxing and MMA fans what they want to see.

McGregor’s striking coach: ‘Conor is killing it in sparring’

Roddy, who is McGregor’s striking coach, says he is happy with the progress made so far.

Conor is killing it in sparring. He’s not getting touched, you know what I mean? He can do as many rounds as we want because he’s doing so well. One thing I’ve noticed in camp is that week after week, he becomes twice the fighter he was. I’ve said this before, talking about MMA, that every fight, the ‘New Conor’ would smash the ‘Old Conor.’ Well, that’s happening every week this camp. Knowing what he’s doing, and how much he’ll improve in the next four weeks, I’m excited for people to see it…I honestly believe no one has a better brain in combat sports than Conor. I’ve watched him for 16 years. I’ve watched every single person that’s come into the gym and it doesn’t matter what level they are — straight up boxers, high-level amateurs, Thai boxers, world-class MMA fighters — I’ve watched Conor read them and pick them apart time after time. You can’t coach that. I’ve never seen anybody else able to do it. There’s no doubt to me he can do it to any man. I don’t think people know what’s coming on the 26th. I honestly don’t. I don’t think anybody realizes what is coming.

Woodley demands White apology or he’ll start ‘leaking sh*t’

After Woodley’s UFC 214 win against Demian Maia, White says that Woodley should have put Maia away in the second round, criticises the lack of action in the fight, and then says he had taken away the Georges St-Pierre fight from Woodley and gave it to Michel Bisping.

Yup! There you go. Because I know Michael Bisping will fight. Michael Bisping will show up and actually fight.So yeah, we will give it to him. The ship turned around and fucking sailed back.

In response Woodley says he had problems with his shoulder:

My shoulder is f-cking torn. I’m upset, I didn’t say anything in the fight, because that’s not what a champion does…I don’t care so much about the fans, but when your job title is promoter, promote your fucking fighter. Promote your champion, don’t demote your champion. I threw my shoulder out in the first round and I wasn’t able to throw any damaging shots. I still stayed the course, stayed on task and stayed on point. I executed the gameplan after having to reduce my shots to straight punches. I didn’t even tell my coaches until I was getting my medicals after…So I am owed a public apology. You want to publicly scrutinize me Dana White, you need to publicly apologize to me. I’ve done nothing but good things for this sport, nothing but a good model for the organization…And if I don’t get that, I am going to start leaking some sh-t you don’t want to be out in the wind, and I am not even kidding about that. They know what I’m referring to. I am due a public apology. I better get it. I am tired of it.

McGregor: To have freedom, you must ‘disconnect each limb from the body safely’

In a psot to Instagram, McGregor talks about the ability to disconnect his limbs from his body.

In order to have complete freedom in your shot selection and direction, you must first gain the ability to disconnect each limb from the body safely. This is a right hand uppercut. But notice the separation in the shoulder joint. From the rotator cuff, to the clavicle, to the collar bone. The entire joint has complete freedom and separation. That whip of a shot is free to go in any direction. The same rules apply for every part of the body. Freedom in the body equals freedom in the strike. Yours sincerely, the greatest.

Covington threatens to expose ‘serious dirt’ on Woodley

Covington, who has gone 7-1 in the UFC welterweight division in which Woodley is the champion, tells White that he has “serious dirt” on Woodley which he will leak  if Woodley makes good on his threat to leak damaging information.

Elba: ‘McGregor has a really good chance of winning’

Elba, who himself has had a professional kickboxing fight, which he won, says he thinks McGregor could beat Mayweather.

In my opinion, I think McGregor has a really good chance of winning that fight. I have a kickboxing background. The agility of kickboxers and MMA is very different from a boxer. I think what’s going to happen is that Floyd — and I love Floyd, he’s a friend — he’s going to fight his fight, but I think McGregor is going to topple that…He’s going to topple his composure, he’s going to throw some things around that Floyd’s not going to be used to. And the other thing about McGregor is that he can strike really, really, really quickly out of nowhere. If Floyd does what he does normally, which is hold a tight fight, I think McGregor’s going to topple that, strike him — if he gets one on his chin, it could be over. Not a lot of people agree with me, I just know kickboxers move differently. Conor’s not going in there to try and box Floyd, he’s going to fight Floyd. That’s a different thing all together.

Idris Elba Thinks McGregor Has A Good Chance To Beat Mayweather | First Take | ESPN

Cortez: McGregor-Malignaggi sparring got ‘a little out of control’

Cortez, who is in McGregor’s camp to help ease the transition to boxing rules, by overseeing sparring sessions as he would real bouts, says he had to admonish McGregor and Malignaggi during a recent sparring session.

He was in there mixing it up a little bit with Paulie and it was the real thing I had to stop the action and I had to say, ‘Alright guys, you guys are getting a little out of control here, you gotta stop this.’ It got a little rough. They were both roughing each other up and I had to stop the action like as in a regular fight. They were holding too much, they were trying to punch each other. I mean, it got a little bit out of control where I had to call ‘Time!’ [I said] ‘Alright guys, you gotta stop this right now, I want a good clean round, give me sportsman-like conduct. Understand? I don’t want to take any points from either one of you. Understand?’ I looked at them and they said, ‘Okay, alright.’ And I said, ‘Time in.’

And when asked if there had been alot of trash talking:

I had to put a stop to that as well. That’s probably why I had to stop the action.