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2 Jun, 2017

Kavanagh: McGregor will find it hard to get a fair boxing referee

Kavanagh says McGregor will find it tough to get a fair boxing referee.

If I’m speaking plainly, and I don’t know how much trouble this will get me in, I think we’re going to have a hard time finding a fair referee and a fair set of judges. It will be very difficult for a 50- to 60-year-old boxing referee to not go into this bout a little bit biased. Actually, I’ll throw this out there, I think [U.K.-based MMA referee] Marc Goddard should be the referee. We’re already agreeing to boxing rules, boxing fight, boxing ring — everything is done boxing. So, how about an MMA referee that will understand the inside fighting that will go into this fight?


Kavanagh: McGregor going for ‘old-school’ boxing approach to Mayweather

Kavanagh says he is already working with McGregor to prepare for his bout with Mayweather.

I was enjoying the buildup, the talk, the idea of it. But it wasn’t until Conor messaged me and said, ‘It’s done, I’ve signed,’ that I was like, ‘Oh, OK. We actually are boxing…I have a pretty good idea on how I see the fight going. Over the next three to four months, we need to put that plan into action. Drill it. See how it works in the gym. Mix and match the plan until we have it right for the night of the fight…[There will be a boxing expert on the team] 100 percent. And the reason why, is that I want to know how boxing people think. It’s not throwing punches. Owen Roddy has that. I need a voice from that world to bounce some of the ideas I have about this contest off of. How he thinks a referee might see something, how a judge sees something. That’s the reason to have someone from boxing, as opposed to learning how to box…We’re not going to spend 10 to 12 years doing something one way and then, because it’s a boxing fight, change everything for three months and beat the best defensive boxer of all time. No. We’ve got to come at this with an MMA striking strategy. Of course, hands only, but maybe there are things we can do from an MMA perspective, which, if people study boxing from the early 20th century, those things were a bigger part in the boxing game than they are today. We’re bringing an old-school boxing approach.


Kavanagh: McGregor won’t train with Freddie Roach

Kavanagh says McGregor will not be using boxing trainer Freddie Roach for the Mayweather fight.

I will say this: Mayweather has proven himself to be perfect against guys who have trained purely in boxing. I was asked very early on, ‘Are you going to bring in Freddie Roach? He’s the greatest boxing trainer in the world right now.’ OK. I’m an evidence-based guy. I don’t make decision based on emotions. Has Freddie trained somebody to fight Mayweather before? Yes. And a southpaw. A hard-hitting southpaw! And the plan didn’t work…Obviously, Freddie Roach is incredible. I’ve been trying to immerse myself in the boxing world, and Freddie has been called one of the last great guys to understand it all — trainer, cutman, psychologist to the young fighters, technician — but he did come up short in his approach to Mayweather.


Test 10 – please ignore

While reviewing a video of him beating Marcus Brimage, McGregor says he is now a different class of fighter.

Funnily enough, looking back at these old fights, every fight I think: ‘I’d kill that guy now. I’d kill the guy that killed that guy’.

On the meaning of his victory.

That’s Ireland’s first ever time to grace the Octagon. See that flag, that’s the first time that flag has ever been raised in the Octagon…That was the beginning of me taking over. It’s a beautiful thing. I’m rich. I’m rich now.

Conor comments on his fight with Brimmage. Deadly.


Test 9 – please ignore

While reviewing a video of him beating Marcus Brimage, McGregor says he is now a different class of fighter.

Funnily enough, looking back at these old fights, every fight I think: ‘I’d kill that guy now. I’d kill the guy that killed that guy’.

On the meaning of his victory.

That’s Ireland’s first ever time to grace the Octagon. See that flag, that’s the first time that flag has ever been raised in the Octagon…That was the beginning of me taking over. It’s a beautiful thing. I’m rich. I’m rich now.

1 Jun, 2017

Kavanagh: Holloway will defeat Aldo ‘convincingly’ this weekend

Coach Kavanagh says Holloway will have no trouble beating Aldo in the upcoming main event at UFC 212 to become the undisputed featherweight champion.

I’ve said it since Conor fought him: apart from Conor, Max Holloway is the second-best guy at 145 [pounds]. I think Holloway will win convincingly. There are a lot of similarities in both of their styles, in terms of being busy strikers who are used to guys trying to take them down. Max is maybe a little bit more dangerous when it comes to submissions. He’ll go for guillotines and stuff on takedowns, whereas Aldo is almost exclusively about defending the takedown. I think Max has grown a lot too. Even since Conor fought him he has improved. Aldo tends to do better against short, stocky wrestlers. He seems to have the perfect game for that. I don’t know if there’s somebody of that style who could possibly beat him. He’s almost perfect for that style. But here he is again, in against somebody he very rarely faces: a taller, striking-based opponent. We might see Aldo having to struggle and look for takedowns. I actually think that will be Aldo’s approach, that he’ll try to grapple. But I think Holloway will either defend them, make him uncomfortable with submission attempts, or else he’ll be able to keep it on the feet and win a decision. I think that’s how it’ll play out: Holloway by decision.


McGregor, on old fights: ‘I’d kill that guy now’

While reviewing a video of him beating Marcus Brimage, McGregor says he is now a different class of fighter.

Funnily enough, looking back at these old fights, every fight I think: ‘I’d kill that guy now. I’d kill the guy that killed that guy’.

On the meaning of his victory.

That’s Ireland’s first ever time to grace the Octagon. See that flag, that’s the first time that flag has ever been raised in the Octagon…That was the beginning of me taking over. It’s a beautiful thing. I’m rich. I’m rich now.

Conor comments on his fight with Brimmage. Deadly.


White: 50-50 split for McGregor-Mayweather is ‘pretty fair’

White says a 50-50 purse split for the proposed boxing match between McGregor and Mayweather would be fair. He also says that there is a 75% chance of the deal being made, and that the fight could produce somewhere between 2.5 and 4 million pay-per-view purchases.By comparison, Mayweather-Pacquiao was split 60-40 in Mayweather’s favour and totaled a record $500 million in pay-per-view purchases and was viewed by 4.4 million households. White:

We haven’t even got there yet. We haven’t even talked percentages yet. … Floyd can think whatever, but the machine that the UFC has and Conor McGregor alone is a machine by himself. I think that 50-50 is pretty fair. I’m very bullish on this fight. I think it happens. These guys are gonna have to come up with something way out of left field for this fight not to happen.

31 May, 2017

White cusses out ‘Two-faced’ De La Hoya

White expands on his earlier post questioning Oscar De La Hoya’s motivations.

I’m saying ‘What the f-ck, Oscar?’ Listen Oscar De La Hoya and I have had a good relationship through time. I’ve been supportive of every event that he does. Bob Arum and I don’t get along. If Bob Arum and I had the two last fighters on earth I wouldn’t make a fight with that scumbag. What is [Oscar] doing. Why would you say something like that? It makes him sound as though he has no confidence whatsoever in Triple G versus Canelo, which I have said publicly is a good fight..He seems completely insecure…And talk about two-faced and contradicting and the list goes on and on..hating…Oscar, what the f-ck is going on with you? Are you nuts? Are you out of your mind? Have you lost your f-cking mind?

Asked about McGregor-Mayweather:

We’re moving. I’m confident that this thing can get done. Obviously, there’s still some hurdles. It’s a crazy deal to make. Here’s the other thing: Any time people come out and say this fight shouldn’t happen, or this fight is ridiculous. When two people get in there, with the punching power of a Conor McGregor and the fighting style of a Floyd Mayweather, who knows what the hell’s gonna happen? Am I saying that this is going to be the greatest fight in the history of the world? Hell, no. I have no idea. This could be one of those fights where the press conference is a thousand times better than the fight…but nobody can judge a fight until a fight is over.


Aldo coach: Aldo wants to fight, even box, McGregor

Pederneiras, Also’s coach says that Aldo will fight McGregor in MMA or in boxing.

It was just difficult because after his fight with Frankie {Edgar], he wanted Conor. But Conor wouldn’t accept the fight, and after that, Aldo started to think about retirement…[Jose] wants to be a world champion in boxing. He thinks he can do it. He wants to fight Conor again, though. Maybe win the 155-pound championship. If Conor came back, he would need to fight [Aldo]. He was fighting at 145 pounds and Aldo won the interim title. Conor left and went to 155. If he was the champion at 155, would Conor leave for another division again? Leave the sport? I don’t know. If he goes to 170 pounds, Aldo says he will go to fight anybody at 170, to be the next contender for Conor. He just wants to fight Conor and that’s it…We want a fight with Conor McGregor. But it’s hard to get. We know that. We know he doesn’t ever want to fight Aldo again. Maybe in boxing. Maybe he’d accept a boxing match. When we were meeting with Dana, he told us, ‘Conor does not want to fight you. I tried everything to put him into a fight with you. I can’t put a gun to his head.’ That’s the word, from Dana to us. Dana told that to Aldo, directly.


Holloway: McGregor not the champion any more

Holloways says McGregor’s time as UFC champion has passed.

Conor was the 2015 champion. We’re in the year 2017. It’s about defending your whatever. Conor’s just not that guy. That’s why the fans love him. He’s always looking for the bigger and better picture, and always looking over the fence…We’ll see what happens [between Mayweather and McGregor]. Mayweather is not just some common dude. He’s the best guy that ever done it. At the end of the day I’m not gonna knock Conor. Go for it. Do it man.


Ferguson to Kavanagh: ‘Maintain your lane bitch’

Kavanagh joins criticism of Ferguson for not accepting a short notice fight with Michael Johnson after Khabib Nurmagomedov pulled out of UFC 209,

Leading to Ferguson to respond:

Trainers like you callin’ themselves coach. When all they do is ride coattails and try to claim. Maintain your lane bitch.


‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ originally called ‘Donda’s Boy’

Rory Farrell, who co-hosts The Joe Budden Podcast along with Budden himself, says that MBDTF was originally called titled Donda’s Boy. Donda was Kanye’s late mother who died as a result of complications from surgery in the fall of 2007. Farrell, who was interning for Def Jam at the time, says he learned of the project’s original title when attending a label meeting for the release of Kanye’s then-upcoming album. Kanye arrived to the meeting accompanied by a small boy, who was wearing the same suit. However, Kanye said he wouldn’t have the meeting until everyone was dressed better. The next day, staff members showed up wearing suits. Farrell:

Everyone comes into the office looking like a terrible funeral. I went to H&M, I had no money. I looked a mess, a lot of execs I won’t name looked worse than me. He comes in, the child opens up his Louis Vuitton bag, throws a blanket over the conference table. Takes out two goblets—the medieval wine glasses. Pours him either white wine or water, it was in one of those unmarked bottles. And Kanye says, ‘I’m parched. We can begin now.’ He then takes out his laptop and starts playing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. At this time, it was called Donda’s Boy, I don’t know if that ever went out but it was called Donda’s Boy and the idea was [that] he was going to do 10 tracks, and each track was going to be 10 minutes [long]. ‘Runaway’ was 20 minutes at the time, Pusha wasn’t on it.


Kanye ‘stressed out’ over making new music

An insider tells that West is stressed about his return to the world after his November 2016 meltdown.

Kanye is stressed over new music and how he is going to make his return to the rap and pop culture world…He has obviously stayed lowkey since his meltdown. But now he’s stressed on what to do to get back in the limelight without making it look like he has lost a step…It’s looking like it will be a little bit before we see the return of Yeezy on our radios and award shows.

30 May, 2017

Ferguson to Diaz: ‘You’re delusional, I’m not in cahoots with McGregor’

Ferguson responds to Diaz’s claims that he, McGregor and their manager, Audie Attar, were working together to book a big money fight while McGregor purses a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. In May Diaz said:

I heard Tony’s manager talking, saying that I need to get a fire up under Conor McGregor’s ass if I want to fight him for the third time. Like, I gotta do what? You guys should fight each other, motherf-cker. You guys have the same manager. You guys are working together against me.

To which Ferguson says:

He smokes a lot of good weed, I guess, because he’s got a lot of time on his hands just to do that. The dude’s delusional, man. Obviously I’m not in cahoots with McGregor. If you think that I am, then you’re f-cking high as f-ck. Straight up, he’s smoking that wacky tobacky, because I’m not. I don’t like the dude [McGregor]…Look, this guy was the last person that fought the guy that I want to get to.

Tony Ferguson Responds to ‘Little B*tch’ Nate Diaz: ‘Act Interested’ or ‘Get The F*ck Out’

29 May, 2017

Arum: Pacquiao ‘is there’ to fight McGregor if Mayweather fight falls through

Arum, Pacquiao’s manager, says that McGregor can fight his client if Mayweather negotiations break down, although he thinks a fight will happen is Dana White is persistent.

If McGregor is still looking for an opponent, Manny Pacquiao is there…[As for the Mayweather negotiations] Be patient, don’t give in. Dana’s a good negotiator, and he’ll get the thing done. But he can’t be pushed around by Mayweather and his people.

BOB ARUM — IF FLOYD DOESN'T FIGHT CONOR … Manny Pacquiao Will!!! | TMZ Sports


Farrell: I ‘should check in’ on Conor McGregor’s baby

When asked if the Irish are treating McGregor’s baby like the messiah, Farrell says:

I don’t know man, I haven’t checked in…there’s a point to what you’re saying. I should check in.

When asked if the baby will become the Irish Prime Minister:

We don’t have a Prime Minister, man… You Americans and your lack of education.

When the interviewer he says he’s Australian, Farrell jokes:

I know. I heard the accent.


Nelson: Mayweather fight has ‘been on McGregor’s radar for a long time’

McGregor’s training partner says the Irishman has been thinking about a Mayweather fight for years.

He’s been talking about this for a long, long time. This is not just new now, It’s been on the radar for a long time. I think it’s going to generate a lot of money for both guys and that’s why it’s going to happen. It’s not really [a surprise]. He’s become one of the biggest stars in the world when it comes to sports. And I think this is what he hunts for. It makes sense for Mayweather as well. Just with the way Mayweather is. You know, Mayweather likes the coins as well.

27 May, 2017

Dillashaw coach: Thousands of years ago, Conor McGregor would probably be the king

Ludwig, TJ Dillashaw’s coach says he has a hard time coming to grips with all the trash talk and bravado that is produced by people trying to emulate McGregor.

I’m not a smart person, but I need to dumb myself down in order to understand what’s going on in mixed martial arts…Look what Conor’s been able to do,. That motherf-cker might fight [Floyd] Mayweather. That is huge. I’m a Conor McGregor fan, that guy is making some big things happen. But there’s a very select few people that can pull that off, it shouldn’t be everybody acting mad and talking stupid. You know, people are trying to talk like Conor, but he doesn’t swear, he’s really articulate, he’s funny. The guy’s a genius at what he’s doing. I’m all for that. And he performs, he loves the limelight. I’m all for it. I want to see how far he can go as a human. I think if we were f-cking thousands of years ago, he would probably be the king. He’d be running shit. Tell me that guy couldn’t be running a country. He’s probably running Ireland.”


Mayweather: McGregor a ‘tough competitor’

Mayweather says McGregor will not be a pushover.

Once I get back to Las Vegas, to my hub, we’ll find out how everything plays out. I’ll communicate with Al [Haymon], I’ll communicate with Leonard Ellerbe, we’ll sit down and see what we can come up with and hopefully the McGregor fight can be made. We didn’t agree yet. Everything takes time, we’ll just see…This is a boxing match. He’s a hell of a stand-up fighter. I can’t take that away from him. Only time McGregor has been defeated was when he was on the ground. When he was standing up, he always was victorious. He’s a power puncher. He’s a tough competitor. I’m a tough competitor. We have to go out there and give the world and the fans what they want to see — excitement.

26 May, 2017

Foxx: I doubted West on Slow Jamz

Foxx says he was convinced Slow Jamz, his 2003 Kanye West and Twista collaboration, would bomb. Foxx was attempting to relaunch his singing career by throwing house parties in LA when he first met Kanye, then an up-and-coming rapper who had just survived a car crash.

I would throw parties just so I could get into music. I had a studio in my house, and when I had music people over, I said, ‘Leave some music in my studio,’ ’cause I was trying to get on. In walks this kid with a backpack on, jaw’s a little busted; it’s Kanye West. I asked Kanye to perform, so he did this freestyle and I said, ‘Oh my God, you’re about to be bigger than life!’.

However, Foxx wasn’t so sure about Kanye’s ability to make hits after West told him to sing the song with less of an R&B feel.

He said, ‘Don’t do that. Things have changed, just sing it simple. So when I sing the song, I’m thinking in my mind, ‘This song ain’t gonna work’. I do the song begrudgingly, leave and do a bad movie for six weeks, come back, [and] when I get back, my homie  said, ‘You know that song you said was bad? It’s number one in the country!’


Conlan: McGregor ‘definitely has boxing skill’

Conlan says McGregor has boxing skills.

I’ve never sparred him but I did train with him. I’ve seen him work on the bags, I’ve seen him work on his pad work and, you know, how he moves in the ring. And you know, I was impressed. I was impressed I’ll admit. You know, I’ve seen MMA fighters do boxing skills and you’re saying ‘ok, they’re ok, but they’re not gonna be a boxer.’ But Conor definitely has the skill. He’s a big puncher. Have you seen the size of his hands? His hands are so big. His hands are like twice the size of mine. I’m telling you. They’re really big. He’s got big shovel hands.

Michael Conlan: Conor McGregor can punch; he is a big puncher!!


Aldo: McGregor rematch ‘will never happen’

In advance of his June 3 fight with Max Holloway, Aldo says he doesn’t expect to get a second shot at McGregor.

Everybody says things today that I don’t even understand why. Conor was good for one side, let’s say, because he brought more attention to the division and to myself. On another side, to talk about the fight, man, that’s in the past…Everybody still asks me if I want or if I don’t want [to fight him again]. That’s not up to me. That’s up to the UFC, and we know it will never happen. I don’t even know if he will come back to fight. The UFC tried to do a [second] fight and he didn’t want it, didn’t accept it, because what happened will never happen again.


Holloway: ‘Conor McGregor should be proud’

Holloway says fans should take time to thank the UFC lightweight champion for all he’s done for the sport.

Conor should be proud. He should be proud. Conor was the champ. He should hold his belt up high and proud. At the end of the day, he’s the 2015 champ…He talked about defending the [155-pound] belt more than the [145-pound] belt. It’s time to move on from this chapter of life already, guys. At the end of the day, we’re not going to tell Lebron [James], ‘Hey, Lebron, you can’t show your three rings, that was three years ago.’ No, be proud, you won it. But you’ve got to play again to to keep holding this championship, and [McGregor] is not doing that. And fair play to him…He’s not that type of guy. He’s just not that type of guy, he’s always looking over the fence. Or Looking for better stuff. We’re grateful for the fans he brung in, but at the end of the day, his fans love him for that – they’re always looking for the next big thing.

25 May, 2017

De La Hoya calls for McGregor-Mayweather boycott

In an open letter De La Hoya calls for a boycott of the proposed McGregor-Mayweather fight.

To my fellow boxing fans, I write in the hopes that together we can protect the sport of boxing. With each passing day, it looks more and more likely that the circus known as Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor will be coming to town in the near future. As undercard fights start to take form, athletic commissions give their blessings in exchange for millions of dollars, and the fighters start counting even more cash, one group will eventually be left to make sure this farce doesn’t occur — we, the fans, who are the lifeblood of our sport. Floyd’s and Conor’s motivation is clear. It’s money. It’s a win-win for them. It’s a lose-lose for us. We’ll be $100 lighter and we will have squandered another opportunity to bring boxing back to its rightful place as the sport of kings. At this point, only we can shut the circus down by making it clear that we won’t pay to see a joke of a fight and telling our casual-fan friends that they shouldn’t either.


White: McGregor sent angry text message after Ferguson refused to fight

White says that after Ferguson refused a catchweight fight against No.6 ranked lightweight Michael Johnson because it was not for a title and for a lower purse, he received a text from McGregor.

You know this shit that went on with Tony Ferguson and Khabib, right? Conor text me and said, ‘I can’t believe you’re going to f-cking pay that bum Tony Ferguson one dollar. You shouldn’t pay that guy one f-cking dime.’ He goes, ‘He was there, made weight and you lined up a fight for him – after Khabib fell out – you lined up a fight with Michael Johnson and he turned it down. F-cking bum. You shouldn’t pay him a dime’.


Sutcliffe urges McGregor back to Crumlin for Mayweather prep

Two-time Olympian boxer Phil Sutcliffe says he would welcome McGregor back to Crumlin Boxing Club to prepare for his proposed boxing bout with Mayweather. McGregor won novice boxing titles under Sutcliffe and the Crumlin Boxing Club banner as a teenager.

It makes money sense. In boxing sense, it doesn’t make any sense. But anything can happen in boxing. [Mayweather] is getting old and Conor is in his prime. As we all know, he’s punching very hard at the moment. I can’t see him winning it, but I’ll definitely be shouting for him. It’s two different sports and Mayweather is one of the craftiest boxers of all time…The thing is, [Conor] could always move around a ring. You can see that in his MMA fights the way he controls his opponent with the way that he moves. He was always handy. He was a very good boxer. You’ve got to remember, what got Conor to where he is now is his boxing ability. Most of his wins come from his boxing, that big backhand has put a lot of people down..In terms of boxing, it isn’t a 50/50 fight. But then again, anything can happen. Someone might slip, someone might fall or Mayweather might decide to hold the fight up in the clinch. All it takes is one punch to land and for someone to take advantage of the opportunity if it comes…I would be delighted to see him back here training. I really think it makes sense too. It would be great for Crumlin Boxing Club.


White: Mayweather fight could be McGregor’s last

During an interview with Snoop Dogg, White says that McGregor may not come back to MMA after fighting Mayweather.

Conor could make $75 million (£57.5 million) [but] how do you come back [to UFC] and fight [for] $10 million (£7.6 million)? You have to be hungry and you may not be hungry with $75 million in the bank, but he is hungry for Mayweather and hungry to prove people wrong.

GGN News with Dana White | FULL EPISODE

22 May, 2017

Tyson: McGregor not skilled enough to beat Mayweather

Tyson says that Mayweather will beat McGregor in boxing.

No, it doesn’t give boxing a bad name. This is interesting. It only gives boxing a bad name because Conor is not skilled enough to box with Floyd. If he fought UFC in this and Floyd boxed, then that would be more exciting. Then, we would see how Floyd handles the kicks to the leg and all that stuff. But, that’s what boxing about. Conor’s not a boxer. You know, he got some amateur boxing skills, but he’s not a boxer. He needs to go in there fight his fight. Floyd need to fight his fight. If he’s doing this for money, he’s just ridiculous instead of just fighting his fight…Until I see the two of them in the ring. I don’t care if they signed it. Until I see the two of them in the ring and they’re getting ready to ring that bell, it’s not going to happen.

Mike Tyson on Anthony Joshua, Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor and proudest moment


Mayweather: I look forward to signing the McGregor deal

Mayweather says he is looking forward to signing a superfight deal with McGregor.

If me and Conor McGregor do happen to make the fight happen, which I think the fight will happen…I had a great career, and my career may not be over. Number 50 may be against Conor McGregor, we’ll just wait and see…if he signed the contract – I’m over here working, I’m always working…They said Conor McGregor signed his end of the deal. I look forward to signing my end of the deal. I haven’t signed my end of the deal yet so once I get home, I’ll communicate with my team, I’ll talk with Al Haymon, I’ll talk with Leonard, and we’ll see what we come up with. We’ll put all our great minds together and we’re gonna have another superfight.

21 May, 2017

Jeff Mayweather: Floyd already training for McGregor fight

According to Mayweather’s uncle Jeff, the boxer is already working behind the scenes towards the McGregor showdown.

He has come in, he trained once, he must be preparing for the McGregor fight because he worked out with an MMA guy. Everybody was telling me that it was a UFC fighter. Floyd told me they did five rounds. This was a week and a half ago.



Henry: ‘McGregor is one of the best boxers I’ve ever seen – ever’

Henry, who coaches Eddie Alvarez and Frankie Edgar, praises McGregor’s boxing skills.

Look, if I was Conor, I would definitely pursue the boxing, because he can make more in one fight than in 10 or 11 with the UFC. But, while he’s doing it, they should definitely make another 155-pound belt, because it would be ridiculous if they didn’t. Conor is one of the best boxers I’ve ever seen – ever. From his precision to his power to his speed, and I think he has a shot in the first two rounds. Because Mayweather, like a lot of boxers do when they’re sparring MMA guys, he may not think he’s that good. He might not realize how fast Conor is, and you’ve got to remember that Conor is going to be taller, longer, 13 years younger, and a southpaw. Early on, I’d give him a chance of doing some damage. But after that, it’s not going to be too good for him.


White: ‘Conor is bigger than Pacquiao’

White says that McGregor will make a lot of money from the Mayweather fight.

He’s gonna make a couple of bucks. He’s gonna do alright. If this fight even happens, Conor’s gonna make a lot of money. Who doesn’t think that Conor is a global star? I think Conor is bigger than Pacquiao…It’s going to be a typical boxing match where it’s all about the main event…This won’t be a UFC event, it’ll be a boxing event…Conor’s ready to fight…Win, lose or draw the Mayweather fight, he will fight again before the end of the year.

19 May, 2017

Rogan: ‘It’s a good fight, in terms of seeing what the f-ck happens’

Rogan says he’s not sure how a McGregor-Mayweather fight will turn out.

[McGregor’s] signed. It happened yesterday. He has signed, Floyd Mayweather has not signed, they’re negotiating the Floyd Mayweather deal. It’s a good fight, in terms of seeing what the f-ck happens. … First of all, Floyd’s 40, nearly 41 and he’s one of the best defensive boxers in the history of the planet. … Conor might get his ass handed to him — but he might not. Conor might tag Floyd. Conor is very good at closing distance and snapping off lead shots. That’s what he did against Nate [Diaz]. And he’s a southpaw. If he can just snap off one or two clean shots and make it interesting, it’ll be fun.

Joe Rogan – Conor McGregor vs Floyd Signed for September! Conor is special!


McGregor applies for boxing license in Nevada

NSAC Director Bennett says McGregor has submitted his application for a boxing license. According to Bennett, McGregor’s application was incomplete due to missing medical documents, but the commission will consider McGregor’s request once those are provided. McGregor was ineligible to receive a boxing license in Nevada as recently as March, due to an outstanding fine for his involvement in a UFC media conference last year. It is expected that the license will be approved. Bennett:

Conor is intimately familiar with our licensing procedures, having fought here multiple times for the UFC. When he has time, and all sides have come to a contractual agreement, I’m sure he will fulfill our requirements, and we look forward to having him fight in Nevada…McGregor is younger, taller, has a longer reach and most of his wins in MMA have come by knockout, which shows he’s a talented striker. I think both are phenomenal fighters with exceptional skills.

18 May, 2017

Bellew: McGregor-Mayweather fight ‘will be over when Mayweather sees fit’

Former cruiserweight champion Bellew says that McGregor has no chance against Mayweather.

It is very simple, there is only one winner. I’m a huge MMA fan, I’m a massive UFC fan, and a big Conor McGregor fan. I’m also a Floyd Mayweather fan. If these two guys were to get in a cage it would be over within a minute. [But] These two guys aren’t going to get in a cage, they’re going to get in a ring, and it will be over whenever Floyd Mayweather sees fit. Don’t talk nonsense to me and say, ‘oh he could land a punch’. The best fighters of his whole era have tried to land that punch, never mind the guy from a cage. So for me there is only one winner in this.


Roddy: The longer Mayweather takes to sign, the better it is for us

Roddy, McGregor’s striking coach, says he wants Mayweather to take his time signing up to fight the Irishman.

He’s very happy with the deal.  I was just with Conor yesterday for some training and he’s just excited. He just wants to get it on. I’m sure he’s happy with whatever he has signed, but I really think he’s more excited about the fight in general. To be able to do something like this unbelievable…Conor wants to do things that have never been done before. This is just another moment in his career where he defies all the odds and gets the job done…He is all about success. He wants to generate more income than any other athlete on the planet. Last year I think he was talking about trying to close in on Ronaldo this year. I don’t know if he will beat him or not, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

As for the timing:

We’ve been told certain dates, but it will definitely be this year. Fingers crossed, once the other side gets things done everybody will be happy and then it will be another big extravaganza for fans…We’re training now. The longer it takes Mayweather to sign, the better it is for us. We get more time to study him the longer he drags it out. We can get people in to help us if needs be. I see the negotiation period as just more time for Conor to immerse himself in boxing.


McGregor says he has signed contract to fight Mayweather

McGregor says he has signed a contract to fight Mayweather, and is now waiting on the boxer to sign.

It is an honour to sign this record breaking deal alongside my partners Zuffa LLC, The Ultimate Fighting Championship and Paradigm Sports Management. The first, and most important part of this historic contract has now officially been signed off on. Congratulations to all parties involved. We now await Al Haymon and his boxer’s signature in the coming days.

17 May, 2017

Johnson to Rousey: ‘You got your ass beat, grow the f-ck up’

When Johnson is asked about his winning streak and the possibility of losing, he brings up Rousey.

You look at Ronda Rousey. You got your ass beat, grow the f-ck up. It happens. It’s mixed martial arts. I don’t want to be like that. If I lose, I’ll be like, I lost…Everybody f-cking loses. It’s part of the sport. Grow up. Look, Ronda, you lost two f-cking fights in a row, and you made more f-cking money than the women’s roster. You’ll be fine, don’t worry about it.

Johnson says he cried a lot when he lost to Pickett in 2010 and cried even more after falling to Cruz.

I was like, It’s part of life, you’re going to f-cking lose, I’m over it. I came home and nothing changed. Nothing changed. Nobody said, ‘You f-cking suck, blah, blah, blah.’ When I started to win, nothing still changed. The only thing that changed is people started to recognize me more. So now that’s my mindset. Somebody came to me and told me: ‘You know what I love about you?’ ‘What?’ ‘The outcome of your fights never dictates the person you are.


Mayweather: No word from Dana White yet

Mayweather says that he has received no word from Dan White about a McGregor fight, and that he is waiting to talk.

It’s only one fight I think that makes business sense. I came out of retirement because I’m a businessman. I want to give the world what they want to see…McGregor’s a fighter, I’m a fighter, and that’s what the people want to see…I think we can break me and Pacquiao’s number…I’m not here to throw anyone under the bus. I’m a true professional. I can’t say they are waiting on us, and we’re not waiting on them. As soon as his side communicate with my side then the fight will happen…Once my team come to me and say Floyd it’s a go, it’s a go.


16 May, 2017

Daley: Mayweather-McGregor is a ‘huge mismatch’

Daley, who is preparing for his fight with Rory MacDonald in the headline event at Bellator 179, says McGregor has no chance of beating Mayweather.

Most definitely it’s a mismatch. It’s been done well because McGregor fans are sold on the whole concept but you’re talking about one of the best boxers of our time, who has defeated some of the best boxers of our time. Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez, Manny Pacquiao. Those four names there McGregor wouldn’t even last three rounds with, let alone the guy who has defeated them all…Boxing is completely different to MMA. McGregor should get in there with a top three British fighter in his weight and see how he fares. I think if he jumps in with the best boxer of our era, it’s a huge mismatch. I can’t fault McGregor when there’s so much money involved…McGregor must be extremely confident to think he can beat or even challenge the best boxer of our time. It’s crazy.


Flynn still hasn’t watched whole series: ‘I feel like Clay’

After  Tommy Dorfman (who plays Ryan the photographer) says it took him three weeks to watch the show, Flynn admits he still hasn’t watched the final three episodes.

I feel like Clay, I just can’t watch the last three…I do hope things get better, like for any tragedy, you hope things get better,. But like a lot of Shakespeare’s tragedies and a lot of real life tragedies, I hope that the story is told truthfully and sometimes that’s not pretty. I hope that we keep exploring ugly parts to stories and I hope that people keep having issues with the stories we’re telling, just because I think that if people have issues with it, there will also be people on the other side that have a lot of faith in it and what it can do.


Lee: McGregor ‘feeding his baby mushed up bananas’ makes him weak

Lee says McGregor is weak because he has taken so much time off to deal with his newborn son.

I turn 25 in September. I swear to God by the next September I’m gonna be the world champion. Conor gonna sit there. He gonna try to hold onto that belt…I don’t know what he’s doing, but I hope him a good life. He just had a baby. He got a girl and all that.. kudo to him. Enjoy that shit, but don’t come back. I ain’t got no kids. I ain’t got no wife. No girl. Every time he out there feeding his baby the mushed up bananas, the potatoes, changing diapers. I’m studying film. I’m on a roll. I’m running. I’m on my way to the gym right now. Every time he do that shit I’m pushing for his spot.


Lee: I’m gonna beat the f-ck out of Michael Chiesa!

After their scuffle at UFC Summer Kickoff, Lee says he is going to give Chiesa a beat down.

I talk shit and I like to fight. He couldn’t get a word in. I was spitting some real truth to him. When I say I’m gonna change his life, I don’t mean it like Conor, like he’s gonna make him some money. He gonna wake up on June 26, and he not gonna be the same man as the day before…I’m gonna beat the f-ck out of him. I could sit on the beach and drink vodka for the next six weeks and I’d beat the hell out of the man.

UFC Fighter Kevin Lee — I'm Gonna Beat the F**k out of Michael Chiesa! | TMZ Sports

15 May, 2017

Lee: McGregor ‘like a triathlete trying to swim against Michael Phelps’

Lee, who has had over 38 professional boxing matches, says that while a Mayweather-McGregor superfight will be entertaining to watch, ultimately McGregor cannot beat Mayweather.

In terms of a contest, I don’t see it being a real fight. Mayweather is the best boxer of our generation. Conor McGregor is a great boxer in UFC but hasn’t had a professional (boxing) fight. It’s like asking a triathlete to swim against Michael Phelps. He has to spread his skills across four or five disciplines and Mayweather is just focused on boxing. If it’s a boxing contest, Mayweather wins hands down. But Conor McGregor is tough and can punch. It’ll be one of the biggest promotions in the history of boxing. It’ll probably do more pay per views and sell more, be unprecedented. It will be a great promotion and a lot of fun watching the build-up.


McGregor has ‘the swagger’ to ‘clean up in Hollywood’ according to Guy Ritchie

Ritchie, who launched the career of Jason Statham in films like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, says he sees the same confidence in McGregor that he spotted in Statham — now one of Hollywood’s top action stars.

Like Jason Statham, [McGregor] is an athlete, completely on his game all the time, look where he’s at now. And you can see that similarity in Conor, he could clean up in Hollywood.

Ritchie, who is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Renzo Gracie, says he tried to persuade McGregor to take a part in King Arthur, though McGregor declined due to training commitments.

We even went after him for a part in the movie but he wasn’t having any of it. Was training for a fight at the time, couldn’t take his attention away from that. But you can see in his presence, in his demeanour, he’s got that swagger, that real appealing cockiness. It’s an unmistakable spark…Preparing for the action scenes, we watched a lot of McGregor fight footage because his style was what we were after. That very intense, singular, lightning fast, juggernaut trademark technique was perfect and we modeled Arthur’s physicality on that.