Frequently Asked Questions

What is Newslines?

Newslines is a crowsourced news search engine, a kind of “Wikipedia for news” that’s written and edited by people just like you.

What is the aim of Newslines?

Newslines aims to organize all the world’s news. You can use Newslines to find all kinds of news about celebrities, sportspeople, teams, politicians, products, and companies.

What does crowdsourced mean?

Crowdsourced means that the site is not made by journalists, but by ordinary people like you, who come together to add news events into the site.

What kind of news events?

News events can include life events (such as births, deaths, marriages), movie appearances, YouTube performances, important Twitter announcements, TV interviews, crime reports or match reports. Our system then organizes the summaries into news timelines, called “newslines”.

What’s the advantage of this site?

You can see all of a topic’s news in one place. Unlike other news sites we go beyond “hard news” and include  YouTube performances and interviews, important tweets and other information to give a full view of the news about any topic.

What are the icons at the top of the page?

Use the icons at the top of the page to sort and filter each newsline to find the news you want.

Some topics don’t have much information

All of our content is provided by our writers. If you see something missing feel free to register and add it yourself.

Who started Newslines?

Newslines was officially launched by Mark & Mary Devlin in May 2014. Mark and Mary have been involved in magazine and web publishing for many years. After moving to Japan in 1989, in 1993 they founded Metropolis magazine, Japan’s No 1 English magazine; and in 2000 the founded, the world’s largest news and information site about Japan in English. The moved to the U.S. in 2007.

Who can make newslines?

Anyone can make a newsline. Just register here, and get started.

What can I make newslines about?

You can make a Newsline about any person, product, event or place. We do not allow pages that are spam, personal attacks, or vandalism.

Can I make a Newsline page about myself, or my company?

You can only make a newsline about yourself or your own company if you or the company have been in the news. We will delete any company newslines that do not have reliable news.

What kind of sources are acceptable?

Each post on Newslines should have a link to an original news story. Usually these will come from news sites, but they may come from press releases, interviews, YouTube posts, Twitter posts, and news from blogs and other sources.