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26 Jul, 2017

McGregor-Mayweather to be shown live in cinemas

Appearance announcement

Fathom Events will present the McGregor-Mayweather fight in selected cinemas in the US live on August 26. While the pay-per-view will cost $99.95 to order at home in high definition, tickets to view the fight in theaters appear to be $40 in most locations. Tickets can be purchased at the website or at theater box offices. Mayweather:

The buzz that my fight against Conor McGregor is getting has been great already, so what better way to watch this larger than life event than on the big screen? We brought boxing back to movie theaters eight years ago and it was a huge success, but this event is on a different level and I’m so glad we are giving fans another way to see all the action. Grab your popcorn because this is a fight no one will want to miss.

15 Feb, 2015

30th anniversary theater release

A restored version of the movie, presented by Fathom Events, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, and BY Experience, will be shown theaters from March 26 to March 31. A DVD anniversary edition that features commentary from the cast members as well as film makers including Diablo Cody, Judd Nelson, and Molly Ringwald, will also be available March 10.

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