Fatu Kekula

Fatu Kekula1 post
26 Sep, 2014

Trash bag method

ebola-fatu-kekula-trashbag-method22-year-old Liberian nursing student Kekula invents her own equipment to protect against Ebola. She puts trash bags over her socks and ties them in a knot over her calves, wears rubber boots and another set of trash bags over them, wraps her hair in stockings and places a trash bag over it, wears a raincoat and four pairs of gloves on each hand, followed by a mask. She is able to treat her father, Moses, mother, Victoria, sister, Vivian, and 14-year-old cousin, Alfred Winnie, without becoming infected herself. Moses:

I’m sure she’ll be a great giant of Liberia/

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