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Hydraulic fracturing – fracking – is a mining technique that, together with horizontal drilling, enables access to natural gas and petroleum deposits in deep rock formations that can’t be reached by more traditional methods. Liquid, generally water, is mixed with chemicals and sand and then injected under high pressure into a well. This makes tiny fractures in the rock along which gas, petroleum and the leftover liquid migrate into the well. Pressure is then removed, and small grains of sand or aluminum oxide are injected to keep the fractures open.

4 Jul, 2015

Rules suing for fracking companies


Oklahoma State Supreme Court rules that home-owners whose dwellings have been damaged due to fracking-related earthquakes can sue the companies responsible. The main reason behind the ruling is so that lawsuits wouldn’t have to go through the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

Allowing district courts to have jurisdiction in these types of private matters does not exercise inappropriate ‘oversight and control’ over the [Corporation Commission]…rather, it conforms to the long-held rule that district courts have exclusive jurisdiction over private tort actions when regulated oil and gas operations are at issue.

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