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25 Dec, 2014

Thieves steal wine


Thieves break into the wine room of French Laundry and steal up to $300,000 worth of wine. The majority of the 76 bottles are from the Domaine de la Romanée Conti, including bottles from the fabled Burgundy estate’s Romanée Conti vineyard that are worth at least $15,000 each. The chef and proprietor, Thomas Keller, tweets:

On Christmas day, The French Laundry was the victim of a robbery. Specific wines of specific value were stolen (DRC & Screaming Eagle). We have complete trust in the authorities leading the investigation, and we welcome any information our community may have regarding the event…We are confident that if and when any of the stolen bottles appear in public, they will immediately raise questions and red flags among the wine knowledgeable.

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