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5 Aug, 2014

Gallup: Americans support Israel 42-38

Gallup notes in a poll that 42% of Americans say Israel’s actions against Hamas are justified compared with 38% who say they are unjustified and 21% who are unsure, while only 14% say Hamas’ actions are justified. The results are similar to what Gallup measured for another period of heightened Israeli-Palestinian violence in 2002. It says Americans have generally disregarded the more vivid images of the conflict available via cable news and social media compared with 2002 when forming an opinion:

This suggests that Americans may have responded to both crises in ways that reflect their basic attitudes toward Israel and the Palestinians rather than the specifics of either conflict. In general, Americans rate Israel much more favorably as a country than the Palestinian Territories, and are much more likely to say they sympathize with the Israelis than the Palestinians when asked to choose between the two sides.

Americans remain ‘roughly divided’ on their support of Israeli actions against Hamas, however:

it is important to note that the pro-Israel sentiment on this measure is significantly below the percentage who routinely say that their sympathies are more broadly with the Israelis rather than the Palestinians in the Middle East.

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