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Garth Brooks

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16 Dec, 2014

Garth Brooks interview


Brooks discusses why he took a break from releasing albums on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The greatest gift I’ve ever been given by God and the people was the time allotted just to stay home and raise my babies, I got to know ‘em inside and out, which when I came off the road, to tell you the truth, I didn’t. I didn’t know my own children. I know them now,trust me, more than they like or more than I’m comfortable with

3 Oct, 2014

Album cover release

1Brooks releases the album cover for Man Against Machine. This album is the music released by Brooks after taking a 13 year break.


15 Jul, 2014

Launches comeback tour


The artist reveals that his comeback tour will kick off in Chicago. He later clarifies that it will begin in September at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, which is around 15 miles northwest of downtown Chicago.

As an entertainer, you get asked a lot, “What are the best cities to play?”  Without hesitation, I rattle five or six of the best places to play, and that list always includes Chicago. It is the perfect city to launch the world tour.

10 Jul, 2014

Confirms new album

Album ReleaseAnnouncement

The artist partners with Sony Music’s RCA Records to distribute his new material and help with radio promotion. The album, as yet untitled, will be out  around Black Friday. He says that the type  of content he is known for, western fare like Rodeo and Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old), will be well-represented.

If you had to put it in a box for me, it’d be Garth Music. You’re damn straight we’ll do cowboys songs on this album.

Signs to Sony Music


The country artist signs with Sony Music for a new album and confirms he agrees to sell his recordings as digital downloads. Brooks has never authorized the distribution of his music on iTunes or any other digital retailer. Downloads will begin in the next two or three weeks at garthbrooks.com.

8 Jul, 2014

Cancels Dublin shows

Appearance Cancellation

All five of Brooks comeback concerts in Dublin, Ireland are canceled after unsuccessful negotiations with Dublin city council.  Having five shows in the area violated a city ordinance, and Brooks couldn’t get an exception for his mega return to the city.

It is with great regret that Aiken Promotions today announce that the five concert Garth Brooks Comeback Special Event at Croke Park has been cancelled. No concerts will take place. Aiken Promotions have exhausted all avenues regarding the staging of this event. We are very disappointed for the 400,000 fans who purchased tickets for the Garth Brooks Comeback Special Event.

7 Jul, 2014

Wants all Dublin shows or none

Brooks insists that if he can’t perform at all of his five shows at Dublin’s Croke Park stadium, he won’t be performing at any of them. Dublin City Council has refused to issue licenses for two of Brook’s shows. The cancelling of the two end shows will effect approximately 160,000 fans who bought tickets in advance  for the concerts.

I can’t thank the people of Ireland enough for how welcome they have made me feel.I have faith that Dublin City Council will make the best decision for the people of Ireland. For us, it is five shows or none at all. To choose which shows to do and which shows not to do, would be like asking to choose one child over another. However this plays out, Ireland has my heart and always will.

17 Dec, 2013

Announces world tour

Announces Tour

Brooks officially announces his return to the road life and an upcoming comeback tour. Brooks states that the 2014 world tour venture is likely to span for a three year period and he wants it to be bigger than anything he’s ever done before.

 We actually have a new sound system that’s never been used  that’s coming — a new technology — so everyone in the room can feel the thump.

26 Jul, 2013

Becomes grandfather


The artist welcomes his first grandchild into the family. His 19-year-old daughter August Anna Brooks and Chance Michael Russell are the parents of Brooks’ grand daughter, Karalynnn.

Our family would first like to thank everyone for their warm wishes and sweet celebration of Baby K’s arrival. Our children’s lives have always been extremely private and they have been endlessly encouraged to be their own people. We have always wanted them to be individuals and not be known as someone’s daughters. I have been amazed and grateful how the press has always respected this. I now ask that respect to please continue as this young family begins the greatest days of their lives.

Jan 2012

20 years top-selling act

Brooks becomes the top-selling act of the past 20 years beating out the Beatles, selling 68.5 million units worldwide.

It’s seeing what other people can’t see, not because they aren’t visionaries, but because it’s not their dream. Passion is what’s going to make all those stories—the ones you made the mistake of telling your friends—come alive! Passion is what’s going to see you through.

15 Oct, 2009

Cancels Retirement

Brooks announces his plans to cancel retirement and to start performing again.

If you’re going where I think you’re going, our statement has always been the same: We got one baby left in high school and then we’ll figure out what’s left for me and Ms. Yearwood

5 Nov, 2007

Best selling solo artist

garth_brooks_01-189x182Brooks becomes the best selling solo artist in US history. He surpasses Elvis Presley after audited sales of 123 million are announced.

This is a marriage between an artist and the people that allow him to be that artist — the people that buy these records. I can’t thank you guys enough for your support.


The Lost Sessions

indexBrooks releases The Lost Sessions, are songs Brooks made but were never published from 1995-2000. The set includes all three of the previously released albums, Sevens, Double Live, and Scarecrow, plus a newly recorded song Good Ride Cowboy (written with Jerrod Niemann) which is a tribute to Chris LeDoux.

I knew if I ever recorded any kind of tribute to Chris, it would have to be up-tempo, happy … a song like him … not some slow, mournful song. He wasn’t like that. Chris was exactly what our heroes are supposed to be. He was a man’s man. A good friend.

17 Dec, 2001

Brooks, Mahl divorce


Brooks and Mahl’s divorce is final.

The main thing [is] you can stop being husband and wife, but you don’t stop being mom and dad. You can’t. Because these babies, they didn’t ask to be brought in the world. You brought them in here.

13 Nov, 2001


indexBrooks announces the release of his last album, Scarecrow. The album includes the singles When You Come Back to Me Again and Beer Run (B Double E Double Are You In?), a duet with George Jones. Squeeze Me In is a duet with Trisha Yearwood.

Somehow we have made a happy, hopefully entertaining album. At the same time, hopefully it has given insight into who we are as an artist at this point in our lives.

26 Oct, 2000



Brooks announces he is retiring after he releases and promotes one more album.

I’ve done my career with the old saying, ‘Burn bright, burn fast’. I wasn’t going to be somebody that we could come to really appreciate, like Billy Joel and James Taylor, and know that their stuff was timeless.


Brooks, Yearwood date


Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, country singer, start dating.

This was somebody I always enjoyed being around, and we had a lot more in common than I ever dreamed we did. And so we started seeing each other after the divorce and we came off tour… And I’ve got to tell you if you like her and don’t know her you’ll love her. If you love her and don’t know her you’ll worship her. She’s the real deal.

28 Jan, 2000

Plays for NY Mets

indexBrooks signs a contract with the NY Mets, and in return, they donate to his Touch ‘Em All Foundation for kids. Mets general manager Steve Phillips:

We are part of the entertainment industry, and I think this will add some excitement to our spring. I don’t know what sort of impact it will have on crowds, but it will add excitement. The most obvious question is what sort of distraction does it cause. I talked to quite a few of our players and our view is the positives outweighs the negatives. If there is a distraction, it might be a positive distraction. The press attention that usually falls on the players may fall of Garth a bit.

28 Sep, 1999

Garth Brooks…In the Life of Chris Gaines

indexBrooks releases Garth Brooks…In the Life of Chris Gaines in which he creates a musical alter-ago names Chris Gaines. Singles include Lost in You (written with Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Tommy Sims) , It Don’t Matter to the Sun, That’s the Way I Remember It (Tommy Sims and Tony Arata).

Brooks has created the entire career of a man who doesn’t even exist—it’s unprecedented and even if you don’t like the music, you can’t help but appreciate what’s been achieved.

9 Aug, 1999

Teammates for Kids Foundation


Brooks founds Teammates for Kids Foundation, a foundation that provides financial aid to charities for children. The foundation accomplishes goals by partnering professional athletes, corporations, and celebrities by getting them to pledge or donate money. All the money raised goes to help kids in areas of their lives, such as health, education, and inner-city outreach programs.

Having the cowboys of the Professional Bull Riders as our teammates could not make me happier. They’re premiere athletes and I am grateful for their decision to use their gifts to benefit the kids

25 Nov, 1997


indexBrooks releases Sevens. Single includes In Another’s Eyes, is a duet with Trisha Yearwood.

I’m proud, I’m excited, I’m nervous, and it feels good to be back in the game again. This is a very personal album. I only wrote six of the songs, but there are many that are so ‘me’ that people I work with every day thought I wrote them.

21 Nov, 1995

Fresh Horses

indexBrooks releases the album, Fresh Horses. Singles include The Fever, and She’s Every Woman.

Everyone was expecting this album to be pop. Everyone said we were leaving (country). For the first time ever, I was involved (in writing) in eight of the 10 cuts, so it’s a huge reflection of myself. It’s the things I enjoy singing about. I got to sing about the band on the road, I got to sing about cowboys, and more importantly, the women who put up with those cowboy.

31 Aug, 1993

In Pieces

indexBrooks releases In Pieces. Singles include Callin’ Baton Rouge, Ain’t Going Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up), and American Honky-Tonk Bar Association.

In Pieces was just time to smile. It was time to laugh, it was time to get loud. It’s definitely the most live album that we’ve ever cut. I think the band went to a different level on this. They seemed to play more like a band that had been together for years than studio musicians that come together and play at time to time. So this one is all there for me. I like to listen to it loud, and I just love the stuff like Baton Rouge and Ain’t Going Down Til The Sun Comes Up. From One Night A Day, all the way to the very last song, The Cowboy Song, which is definitely my favorite off In Pieces and it will stand up with anything that I have cut over the past five years. Like the other things, I’m very proud of this one and I hope you like it.

22 Sep, 1992

The Chase

indexBrooks releases The Chase. Singles include We Shall Be Free, Somewhere Other Than The Night, Learning to Live Again, Dixie Chicken, and That Summer.

The Chase is definitely the most personal album I think I’ve ever been involved with. This is as much me as anybody has ever seen. It was recorded at a time in my life that was probably the most trying time of my life.

25 Feb, 1992

Wins Grammy


Brooks wins the Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance, Male for Ropin’ In The Wind

2 Sep, 1991

Ropin’ in the Wind

indexBrooks releases Ropin’ in the Wind, his third album. The single Shamless is cover of a Billy Joel song, previously recorded on his 1989 album Storm Front.

Ropin’ the Wind was what we called the son of Fences. Ropin’ the Wind was made in this kind of tour that we were on from No Fences. We were gone, pretty much 250 days out of the year. And in that remaining 100 days, I elected to cut Ropin’ The Wind, and try to write for it. This album became a lot bigger than I ever thought it could possibly be. And when I listen to the singles off of it like Rodeo, What She’s Doing Now, The River, Papa Loved Mama, and Shameless, I look at it and stand very proud. And then when I also look at the cuts, Against The Grain, Cold Shoulder, these songs I am equally proud of.’


No Fences

indexBrooks releases his second album, No Fences. Singles include Friends in Low Places (written with DeWayne Blackwell), Unanswered Prayers (written with Pat Alger), Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House, The Thunder Rolls (written with Pat Alger), and Wild Horses. 

No Fences definitely, hands down would be the people’s favorite album that we have done so far.

12 Apr, 1989

Garth Brooks

indexBrooks releases his first album titled Garth Brooks. Singles include The Dance, If Tomorrow Never Comes, and Not Counting You.

Definitely scared to death. I thought the album was very very innocent. And I gotta be truthful with you, every time I hear those songs off the radio or off the album itself, or even when we play them live. I really get that same kind of scared feeling, that I had, way back in 1988, and 1989. Whether you get the album or not, or whether you have the album or not. Thanks, for just, the interest. That first album is always a big one for any artist and I, without trying to sound egotistical, I’m very proud of my first one.

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