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Gerald Celente

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Oct 2011

Predicts Occupy Wallstreet

Celente reflects in the fall issue of the Trends Journal his prediction for protestors on WallStreet.

America was not supposed to be a country where the rich grew richer and everyone else grew poorer. Finally the well-publicized income disparity between the rich and the shrinking middle class and growing underclass served as the predicted flashpoint…

Oct 2010

Forcasts global rebellions


Celente issues a press release stating people of the world will start to up-rise against governments due to declining economies worldwide.

European unions orchestrated a crescendo of anti-austerity protests across the Continent Wednesday, sending workers ranging from Greek doctors to Spanish bus drivers to Lithuanian engineers out to vent over job cuts, higher taxes, soaring unemployment and smaller pensions.

The Greatest Depression

Celente issues a press release about the start of a depression in the United States.

The “D” word is being uttered – in some cases by those who have the most to lose and whose best interests are not served by spreading gloom and doom.

Dec 2007

Tax Protests


Celente issues a press release stating American will start to battle politicians to lower taxes.

With the price of nearly everything going up double digits over the past decade (while inflation adjusted median household income fell nearly 4 percent during the same period), cash crunched and debt heavy Americans will wage tax cutting wars with hopes of reversing their economic downward creep.

Forcasts Panic of ’08

Celente issues a press release predicting panic among American business, cities, and its people.

Failing banks, busted brokerages, toppled corporate giants, bankrupt cities, states in default, foreign creditors cashing out of US securities … whatever the spark, the stage is set for panic in the streets.

Forcasts Economic 9/11


Celente issues a press release stating the US economy will crash and unemployment will hit an all time high.

Just as the Twin Towers collapsed from the top down, so too will the US economy from an Economic 9/11. When the high-stakes speculators, banks, brokerages, and buyout firms that leveraged billions with millions get hit … everything underneath them will turn to rubble.

Oct 2006

Credit crisis to hit financial markets


Celente issues a press release stating the U.S will hit a credit crisis by the end of 2007. Millions Americans who over borrow and take credit or loans will not be able to keep paying their debt causing US financial markets to decline further.

Weighed down with massive loads of debt and locked into jobs that limit opportunities to pay it off, the paycheck to paycheck public will feel the pinch in their
pocket books and businesses will be hit hard in their bottom lines long before recession becomes “official.”

Oct 2005

Decline of US Automakers


Celente issues a press release stating oil and gas will skyrocket forcing auto makers to refocus their financial goals and start developing affordable energy efficient cars for US consumers.

Firmly focused on their bottom line by making big cars with big profits, US auto makers have facilitated their demise by exploiting customers wants rather than addressing both the consumer’s and society’s essential needs.

Jan 2005

Real estate peak, decline to follow

Celente predicts the American real estate market will crash by late 2005.

By virtually every indicator, real estate is on a downtrend. New and existing home sales, inventory of unsold homes, new construction, mortgage applications
and mortgage delinquencies … all are trending negative.

Jan 2002

Gold Bull Run to begin


In the Winter issue of the Trends Journal, Celente, gives reasons why gold is a safer investment than world currencies.

Unlike investments made in virtual companies like e-Pets and e-Toys or real companies like Lucent or Enron, whose share prices hit the stratosphere, fell sharply or completely evaporated, gold will always be worth something

Jan 2001

Forecasts The Great Recession


Celente issues a press release predicting the start of a great recession for the US and World economies.

How can anyone deny the facts proving that the scales of financial balance are so lopsided that they will not only sink the U.S. economy but also drag down the World economies with it?

Dec 2000

Predicts Pre 9/11

Celente issues a press release stating Anti-Americanism will sweep the globe and Americans will not be safe at home or abroad.

The bad news is that there are rough times ahead. The good news is that old systems are coming under attack and under question, and when something dies, something new is born. This is the darkness before the dawn

Oct 1999

Dot-com Bust

Celente predicts many internet companies will fail and will cause Wall Street to decline.

By the mid-2000 the fall-out from the failing doc-coms will have worked its way through WallStreet forcing both a correction in the market and a return to sound investment principles. Internet companies that produce real time profitability and performance, rather than promises of long-term potential, will win both a secure place on the net and investor dollars.

Oct 1993

Forcasts Technotribalism


Celente issues a press release stating social media and the internet will be on the rise in coming years, and consumers of it will “think globally” but act locally and become more isolated.

The techno-tribalism trend will echo the sentiment of the new, growing isolation trend. People, concerned about their own welfare, are increasingly embracing a view that they shouldn’t have to solve other regions crises.

23 Jan, 1987

Forcasts 1987 stock market crash

Celente issues a press release predicting of a world stock market crash before year end in 1987.

The System is breaking down…This is the year of reckoning. People will realize that everything is not so great as it has been painted.


Founds Trends Research Institute

Celente founds The Trends Research Institute. He originally calls it Socio-Economic Research Institute of America. It is based in Kingston, New York.  The institute is noted for predicting the 1987 stock market crash and the fall of the Soviet Union. The institute is devoted to following politically, economic, military trends around the world, and predicating world events.

We can teach you to make informed decisions about expansion, diversification, product development, repositioning and downsizing, even marketing, advertising and promotion plans.

What's this? This is an unbiased just-the-facts news timeline ('newsline') about Gerald Celente, created by Newslines' contributors. Help us grow it by finding and summarising news. Learn more