GM Ignition Switch Defect

GM Ignition Switch Defect1 post
13 Apr, 2015

Death toll rises to 84

Death Count

The office of attorney Kenneth Feinberg, who is overseeing victim compensation on GM’s behalf, says the death toll from General Motors’ defective ignition switch has risen by four from a week earlier to 84. The office has also processed 157 injury claims, combination of claims for serious injuries and claims for less severe injuries, as of April 10. Eleven claims were categorized as serious injuries resulting in quadriplegia, paraplegia, double amputation, permanent brain damage or pervasive burn. The remaining 146 claims were for less serious injuries requiring hospitalization or outpatient medical treatment within 48 hours of the accident. Feinberg’s office received 4,342 claims. Of those claims, 241 have been deemed eligible. Feinberg’s office is still reviewing another 1,136 claims.

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