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16 Jun, 2017

Saki: McGregor’s pressure could be decisive against Mayweather

Makes Statement

Saki, who recently signed to the UFC, and is a world championship kickboxer, says McGregor’s pressure could be decisive against Mayweather.

I spar a lot of professional boxing fighters also and they’re used to fighting over twelve rounds, three minutes. They start slowly. If Conor starts aggressive and he makes a lot of pressure… If I was him, I would make war with Floyd for five, six rounds. I believe — everybody will laugh — but I believe he will make a chance because he has good eyes too. They are not used to aggressive fighters. If you see [Floyd’s] last couple of fights, only Maidana was fighting aggressive with him. He hit him a couple of times. He also almost knocked him out.

Gokhan Saki: "I will dominate UFC like Conor McGregor & he will beat Floyd Mayweather"

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