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Google Glass is a wearable computer and display that is worn like glasses in a frame across the eyes.

4 Dec, 2013

Explorer Trade-in program

The original Glass Explorers are given a chance to upgrade their devices to a new version of the hardware. They must mail their devices to Google to be replaced:

We want to say “thank you” for all the amazing feedback we’ve been getting, so later this year, all Explorers will have a one-time option to swap out their existing Glass for a new one. This hardware update will allow your Glass to work with future lines of shades and prescription frames, and we’ll also include a mono earbud.

12 Nov, 2013

Explorer applications open

The Glass Explorer site is updated to include a form where users can apply directly to be on a wait list to get Glass. Before this time, Glass Explorers are all chosen by Google or invited by other Explorers. It is not known how many devices are available through this application, but a Google representative tells The Verge that this is not a signal that the official consumer launch will be soon; it is just an expansion of the Explorer program.

4 Nov, 2013

GMIC 2013 interview


Graham is interviewed on stage at the conference about emerging trends in technology. Asked whether he thinks there will be a ‘year of the wearables’ where gadgets like Google Glass take off, he advises ignoring individual trends and looking at commercial uses for wearables:

Never mind these fads…Just think about all the industrial applications, all the people who can’t carry a computer in their hands, mechanics who are climbing around in airplanes, or emergency workers, it’s going to be so useful to just display all the information.

He says there probably won’t be a point where wearables suddenly become widely used:

It will probably be this gradually rising curve.

Paul Graham, Founder Y Combinator #gmic

3 Oct, 2013

First college course

Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts offers the first college course about Glass, called Health Innovation with Google Glass. Associate professors Stephen Intille and Rupal Patel design the class in such a way that students are encouraged to brainstorm new ideas for how Glass can be used to improve healthcare. Professor Intille says:

I thought it’d be an interesting course if we could design health technology to help people using those devices as a way to get thinking about how we might change the health care system for the better, using technology.

26 Aug, 2013

Siri snarks Glass

Apple programs Siri, a personal assistant feature present on its mobile devices, to respond sarcastically when users say “OK, Glass” to it. Responses include:

I think that Glass is half-empty

Stop trying to strap me to your forehead, it won’t work

Glass? I think you’ve got the wrong assistant

A Google spokesperson says:

Siri, it’s not you, it’s me. You see, I just met Google Voice Search and fell hard for her. She doesn’t just listen; she understands me.

What Siri Thinks of Google Glass

30 Jul, 2013

Invite a friend program

Google allows certain Glass Explorers to invite one friend to preorder Glass. The friend has to be a US resident, at least 18 years old, has to pick up the device in San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles. This marks the first time Google lets typical consumers order Glass; before this point, all Glass Explorers are developers or hand-chosen winners of a social media contest for Glass. A Google spokesman tells Computerworld:

We are always experimenting with new ways to expand our Explorer program.

20 Feb, 2013

If I Had Glass contest

Google creates a Twitter and Google+ contest to allow a small number of people to preorder the device. This is the first time preorders are open since 2012 when the original Glass Explorers are chosen. The cost is the same as the previous preorders at $1,500 per unit. Applicants must make an application which can include pictures, video or up to 50 words explaining what they would do if they were chosen to receive Glass. They have to put the hashtag #ifIhadglass somewhere in their application.

Now we want you to get involved and that’s why today we’re expanding our Glass Explorer Program. We’re looking for bold, creative individuals who want to join us and be a part of shaping the future of Glass.

A number of celebrities win the contest, including Soulja Boy, Neil Patrick Harris, Newt Gingrich, and Adam Savage.

‘How it Feels’ video

Google releases a video called “How it Feels [through Google Glass]” which gives the public a first glimpse at how it actually looks to use Google Glass, demonstrating its user interface and basic functionality. It is an update to a previous concept video which is posted in 2012 on Google’s Youtube channel about Glass may look once it is completed.

How it Feels [through Google Glass]

28 Jan, 2013

Glass Foundry ‘Hackathon’

A developer’s workshop called the Glass Foundry is held in San Francisco. Attendees must sign a non-disclosure agreement. An email sent out to developers with Glass preorders partially reveals the purpose of the meeting:

Join us for an early look at Glass and two full days of hacking on the upcoming Google Mirror API in San Francisco or New York. These hackathons are just for developers in the Explorer program and we’re calling them the Glass Foundry. It’s the first opportunity for a group of developers to get together and develop for Glass.

31 Oct, 2012

Time: A best invention of 2012

Google Glass is listed as one of the top inventions in 2012 by Time magazine.

Glass is, simply put, a computer built into the frame of a pair of glasses, and it’s the device that will make augmented reality part of our daily lives. With the half-inch (1.3 cm) display, which comes into focus when you look up and to the right, users will be able to take and share photos, video-chat, check appointments and access maps and the Web.

12 Jul, 2012

Renamed Google Glass

Google officially changes Project Glass to Google Glass.

Just a heads up that we’ve changed our page name to Google Glass since that’s what most of you are calling us nowadays. When we created this page more than a year ago, we chose “Project” to recognize that we were all exploring something new. Back then, the Glass Explorer Edition was still just a hope and a dream. Now we have Explorers with their very own Glass dreaming and exploring with us.

27 Jun, 2012

Preorders begin

Attendees at Google’s I/O conference are able to preorder Google Glass for the first time at $1,500 per unit. These preorders are planned to ship in early 2013 and are not necessarily the same model as the ones that will be offered to consumers upon release.

Project Glass: Skydiving Demo at Google I/O 2012

4 Apr, 2012

Project Glass announced


Google announces Project Glass, which aims to create glasses that have similar functionality to that of a smartphone. The project is early in development, but Google says that they want to release information about it in order to receive feedback from consumers. They release a concept video on Youtube depicting what using the glasses could be like when they are released:

Project Glass: One day...

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