Greenpeace1 post
15 Jul, 2015

Claim: Funds anti-climate politicians, lobbyists


Despite a 2007 promise to stop funding anti Climate Change researchers and activist groups, Greenpeace claims that ExxonMobil has paid $1.87 million for every Republican in Congress who actively denies climate change. An additional $454,000 went to ALEC. In an email response to The Guardian newspaper the Company says:

ExxonMobil does not fund climate denial…We are taking action in a range of ways – by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our operations, helping consumers reduce their emissions, and by supporting research at leading US universities into both increased emissions reduction capability and research into alternative energy sources…I don’t believe we underwrite specific Alec functions, and, as should be abundantly clear from my past statements to you, we believe climate change is real and warrants action, we’re taking steps to address it, which I’ve also provided you voluminous detail on, and we don’t embrace the views of those who deny climate change or think it isn’t a serious matter…Because The Guardian has abandoned objective journalism and has a clear agenda regarding climate change, it can no longer be trusted to do the job its readers have a right to expect, which is to provide accurate and unbiased coverage on this important topic.


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