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8 May, 2023

Musk breaks ground at Tesla lithium refinery

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Joined by Governor Abbott (R), Musk breaks ground at the site of the Tesla’s $375 million lithium refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas, after arriving in a Cybertruck with shovels strapped to the sides. Tesla says the facility will help it secure a domestic supply of lithium hydroxide, a key ingredient used to make its batteries. Musk says the availability of battery-grade lithium is a “fundamental chokepoint” for the electric vehicle industry and others. Tesla aims to produce enough battery-grade lithium at the refinery to manufacture one million vehicles per year, and to produce more lithium than the rest of North America’s refining capacity combined there.

Tesla promises it will use an “innovative” process, designed to consume less hazardous reagents, such as hydrochloric acid, and create “beneficial use opportunities” from byproducts, which they expect to be mostly sand and limestone. However, the company did not disclose the specific chemistry it would rely upon for processing. Musk:

There’s no toxic emissions or anything — you could live right in the middle of the refinery and not suffer any ill effects.

Abbott praises Musk as the greatest entrepreneur on Earth, saying:

Texas wants to be able to be self-reliant, not dependent upon any foreign hostile nation for what we need.

26 Jan, 2016

PP cleared; Abbot, Merritt charged

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A Texas grand jury clears Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast of wrongdoing in an investigation launched last year under Gov. Abbott. The grand jury instead indicted two anti-abortion activists involved with covert videos about fetal tissue procurement. The activists, Daleiden and Merritt, have been charged with tampering with a governmental record. Daleiden has also been charged with violating a prohibition on the sale of human organs.

15 Dec, 2015

Tells Orange County to keep nativity

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Abbott encourages Orange County to keep nativity scene in front of city hall after it is removed after an an atheist organization requested the city hang a banner wishing people “happy holidays” next to the scene.

As the U.S. Supreme Court has continually held, public acknowledgement of our religious heritage is entirely consistent with the Constitution. The Constitution commands accommodation of religion rather than hostility towards it.

Deploys National Guard against immigrants

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Abbott deploys the National Guard to protect the border from a growing number of illegal immigrants.

[M]y request for more border patrol agents and strategic resources to secure the border were ignored. Now, the concern I warned about has turned into reality: A substantial spike in illegal crossings has occurred at a particularly unsuspecting time, once again challenging Texas’ security and resources…Texas will not sit idle in the face of this challenge. We will not be victimized as a state by a federal government’s apathetic response to border security.