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18 Sep, 2014

Doctor’s name released

Members of the staff at Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic name Dr. Gwen Korovin as the doctor who allegedly performed an unauthorized biopsy of Rivers’ vocal chords, according to a source close to the investigation. Korovin is the same doctor who allegedly took a selfie while in the procedure room with Rivers. Other celebrities who have been treated by Korovin include: Hugh Jackman, Nathan Lane and singers Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Dr. Korovin’s lawyer sends a statement to CNN  in response to the reports:

Gwen S. Korovin, M.D. is a highly experienced, board certified otolaryngologist.  She maintains privileges at one of the city’s most prestigious hospitals.  She is respected and admired by her peers in the medical community and she is revered by her patients. As a matter of personal and professional policy, Dr. Korovin does not publicly discuss her patients or their care and treatment.  Further, Dr. Korovin is prohibited by state and federal confidentiality laws from discussing her care and treatment of any particular patient. For these reasons, neither Dr. Korovin nor her attorneys will have any public comment on recent press reports regarding her practice.  We ask that the press please respect Dr. Korovin’s personal and professional policy of not discussing her patients, as well as the privacy of her patients.

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