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Jan 1970

Hans & Ola Rosling

Gives Talk

Global health expert, Hans Rosling, challenges his audience with an interactive quiz to see just how much they actually know about the world. Then his son Ola, the founder of Gapminder Foundation, presents 4 tips on how to become more mindful of the world in which we live.

Now the question, is this important? Yeah, it’s important to understand poverty, extreme poverty and how to fight it, and how to bring girls in school. When we realize that actually it’s succeeding, we can understand it. But is it important for everyone else who cares about the rich end of this scale? I would say yes, extremely important, for the same reason. If you have a fact-based worldview of today, you might have a chance to understand what’s coming next in the future.

Hans Rosling and Ola Rosling: How not to be ignorant about the world

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