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22 Nov, 2014

Factory workers call for strike

Two hundred and seventy members of the GMB union at the Haribo factory in Pontefract call for a strike over claims that some staff will be forced to work over the holidays. They claim that the company isn’t honoring a commitment they made that the factory would be closed over this period. GMB regional organiser Steve Huckerby:

We are expecting our members to vote for strike action because the company is demanding staff work over Christmas, despite the fact the factory closed over this period for the last 15 years, and staff were told at the beginning of the year that this would remain the case.

Haribo disputes this claim:

We have invited any employee who does not want to work on these dates to submit holiday requests. This opportunity has already been taken up by a number of team members.

26 Jun, 2014

Gummi wedding rings

David and Nataligummi ringse Norris marry using Haribo gummi rings after their home was burglarized the previous day and their wedding rings stolen. Natalie Norris:

I was absolutely devastated. We looked for new rings in a few jewellery shops on Saturday, but we had taken so much time choosing our rings and waiting for them to be delivered, I didn’t just want to get a new one. I said I would rather use those jelly Haribo rings. We wanted to make light of it – but we also wanted to show them that the burglars couldn’t ruin our big day.

The couple even has the gummi rings blessed by the vicar but still ate them in the end.

11 Apr, 2014

Loses bear case to Lindt

A court in Cologne rules that Lindt does not violate Haribo’s “gold bear” copyright with their foil-wrapped chocolate bear, or “Lindt Teddy”. Haribo lawyer:

Before the introduction of the Lindt Teddy nearly every German associated gold bears with Haribo. Now one in every 10 associate the term with Lindt. A registered trademark has been watered down here.

Not only do the judges disagree but they assert that the “Lindt Teddy”  is actually closer in likeness to another Lindt product rather than one of Haribo’s.

18 Jan, 2014

Told to stop selling ‘racist’ gummis

Scandinavtacky candyian consumers tell Haribo to stop selling their Skipper Mix line of gummi candy. The licorice flavored candy is shaped like artifacts that could have been brought home by someone after sailing around the world.  The head of Hairbo Sweden, Ola Dagliden:

We decided that we could keep the product while removing the parts that certain consumers found offensive. It wasn’t something we saw as having negative connotations.

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