Hassan Nasrallah

Hassan Nasrallah1 post
21 Jul, 2014

‘Resistance will defeat Israel’

Nasrallah says Hezbollah organization is confident Hamas will defeat Israel in the 2014 Gaza conflict:

Hezbollah and the Lebanese resistance stand firmly on the side of the Intifada and the Palestinian people’s resistance, and support Hamas’ strategy and the just conditions it has set to end the conflict

Referring to Israel’s failure to crush Hezbollah in July 2006, he has…

…complete confidence in the resistance’s capacity to defend itself and to achieve a new victory in July

In a separate phone call to Islamic Jihad secretary general Ramadan Abdallah Challah:

The Lebanese resistance is willing to cooperate completely, in order to realise the goals of the Palestinian resistance, and to ensure the failure of the [Israeli] aggression

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