Hearthstone1 post
2 Apr, 2015

Black Rock Mountain


Hearthstone’s second expansion, named Black Rock Mountain, is released. The expansion features 17 boss cards and 31 cards and more adventures for the player to take on. One of the themes is Dragon Synergy. Game designer:

The intention at a higher design level was really that players really like dragons, so it would be awesome if they could make a dragon deck. The new Blackwing Technician card will be a good example of that. It’s a 2/4 that costs three mana, but is 3/5 if you have a dragon in your hand, which is a pretty effective card. We love the idea of people building their deck around dragons. Up until now, you could put Ysera or Alexstrasza in your deck, but we wanted to support that a bit more. We actually really like the idea of adding new cards that make you want to play the old ones again.

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