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27 Jan, 2017

McGregor trained Maroulis

Makes Statement

Maroulis, gold medal winning wrestler, talks about wrestling with McGregor.

John [Kavanagh] set it up and he was like, ‘Conor will come in and train with you’. In my mind I’m like ‘OK, sure. Y’know , I know he’s got other stuff to do…It’d be great if it happens’. And John said, ‘We’ll get Conor in the cage, he can show you some stuff, and just wrestle’. And I’m very thankful it was just wrestling…It was awesome. We rolled around for a good while. Paly wrestling, sparring. He kind of showed me the differences when you are wrestling against the cage, which is very different from regular wrestling…So I was just playing around. And really Conor was very, very disciplined…He’s really down to earth.

Conor McGregor Trained Olympic Gold Medalist Helen Maroulis | TMZ Sports

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