Iain Cook

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25 Sep, 2015

Every Open Eye

Album Release
Every Open Eye

Chvrches release Every Open Eye, their second studio album, which is self-produced. The album’s title comes from the lyrics of the third single off of the album, Clearest Blue. Cook:

People don’t make albums any more. They make 11, 12 songs, and they put them out as an album but they feel like a greatest hits, or a playlist. I think I said that in reference to some contemporary pop albums that just sound like one radio hit after another. There’s no real ebb and flow, no sense of progression or telling a story, no exploration of multiple facets of an artist’s sound, just one attempt after another to deliver the hit. An album, in my opinion (and maybe this is an unfashionably traditional viewpoint), should have more breathing space, not be afraid to throw in some harder, darker, slower, longer pieces and explore a bit.

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