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24 Jun, 2014

Ice-T interview


Ice-T returns to Conan and chats with O’Brien about his wife’s famous derrière and the secret to enhancing that part of the body. He also shares his special victory dance when he wins a level on Call of Duty.

When people see something that they can’t believe, they go “it has to be fake”. I say, just take it as a compliment. If I get in the gym and get in shape, they’re like, “you’ve got to be on steroids”. Just take it as a compliment. She got a breast job, but the butt is real.

Ice-T's "Call Of Duty" Dick Dance

14 Feb, 2012

Ice-T interview

Seacrest interviews Ice-T during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about the pick up line he used when he first met Coco.

I was shooting a video in Los Angeles for one of my friends. Coco was a model on that film. So my friend brought her over to meet me. When I turned around to meet her the first thing I saw was Coco’s teeth, because she was standing really, really close to me. I thought ‘Wow. She’s got very pretty teeth.’ Then I saw her boobs, and I was like ‘Damn!’ Then she turned around, and I thought ‘Really! Is that possible?

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