IVF1 post
24 Feb, 2015

Permits three-person IVF

The House votes by 280 votes to 48 to approve changes to the law allowing fertility clinics to carry out mitochondrial donation. Babies conceived through this technique would have biological material from three different people – a mother, father and a female donor. Around 100 children each year are affected by genetic defects in the mitochondria and in around 10 cases the defects cause severe illnesses such as liver failure, muscle wasting, blindness and brain damage. Direct of Wellcome Trust, Jeremey Farrar:

Families who know what it is like to care for a child with a devastating disease are the people best placed to decide whether mitochondrial donation is the right option for them. Parliament is to be commended for a considered and compassionate decision to give these families that choice, with proper safeguards under the UK’s internationally-admired regulatory system.

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