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15 Aug, 2014

Talk is Jericho interview


Durbin is a guest on Talk is Jericho to discuss American Idol, professional wrestling and music. Jericho:

James Durbin finished 4th on Season 10 of “American Idol.” That was the same year Y2J competed on “Dancing With The Stars” at the sound stage next door. They had many LA adventures together while competing… and you’ll hear some of the crazier stories! Plus, get a very real look at the behind-the-scenes workings of Idol, the audition process, & what James believes led to his demise! James is also a HUGE pro wrestling fan & had a quite a moment with Hulk Hogan. It’s wrestling, singing, DIO, and the trappings of instant fame.

1 Nov, 2011

James Durbin interview

Seacrest interviews Durbin during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about his music video for Love Me Bad. 

We actually had to postpone the recording, because my voice gave out. My producer wouldn’t let me record the song. So, that was pretty funny, I’m like ‘Come on man, I can do this song, I swear,’ he said, ‘No You’ve had enough, man.

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